Player Feedback is Critical

One of the greatest parts of being on a game development team both pre- and post-launch is how much FUN it is. I get to work with gamers who are huge geeks like I am and who have the most amazing experiences, backgrounds, and senses of humour. But once we begin testing and move through launch, we get to meet all the players who are also huge geeks like we are, have amazing and diverse backgrounds and are passionate about our game.

Think about how rewarding that is. We’re offering something, and players are receiving it and loving it (or at least liking it) enough that they’re sharing who they are by joining the community, reporting bugs and offering feedback. Once a player takes the time and effort to make that commitment to your game, it will take a lot to drive them away. And we would never want to. A player is our absolute, best and only way straight to success and fulfillment as a developer. Without players, there’s no reason to have a game. Without a reason to have a game, there’s no reason for us to have jobs. This is doubly so for the Player Support team. When tickets increase or problems persist, I tell the team it’s “Job Insurance”. This is a somewhat-backhanded way of explaining that helping players is why we’re here, and so every ticket is something we’re grateful for, even while we’re trying to squash it.

Feedback and suggestions from our players come in through many different paths:the official game Facebook Page posts and comments; Kongregate forums, chat, comments, shouts and PMs; Support tickets; Official Forum posts and Facebook small Group posts and comments to name a few. Often it may feel like your post, comment or thread is going unread or unseen. I’m here to tell you this is absolutely not the case. If I don’t see something, Nod, Shan or BelleJinx sees it. If we don’t see it, a Gold Cloak sees it. If they don’t see it, another player sees it and forwards a link to the thread or post to us via Every idea, recommendation, comment and complaint is seen, read and considered by either one, a few or all of us on the team.

The Player Support Team takes time on a regular basis to share a concerned email full of feedback with the design team. Each day, we share a player’s letter of praise with the whole team so every single member knows how our players feel.

We are a small team with a huge player-base in a game with thousands of moving parts and intricate design. Without your feedback, reports and ideas we’d not be able to make this game nearly as fun, rewarding and cool as it is now. This is an iterative process in which you, Dear Player, are part of this team and we hope you’ll continue to help us make Ascent even more awesome as we continue to grow. Keep posting. We’re reading.