Pinny Arcade Takes on Star Trek Timelines

In case you haven't seen the news over at Penny Arcade, Disruptor Beam is excited to announce our participation in the Pinny Arcade Pin Trading program during PAX East 2015. We’ve created a Star Trek Timelines communicator pin for fans to collect. Check it out!

Our Pinny Arcade Star Trek Timelines Design

How can you get a pin?

You may have already heard, but Disruptor Beam will have the first-ever playable demo of Star Trek Timelines in booth #6068 at PAX East. You can Captain the Enterprise-D on a mission that takes you across familiar Star Trek locations. Alongside your favorite Star Trek characters, you'll pilot your ship through star systems featuring some of the most gorgeous graphics seen on mobile devices.

To get your pin, simply play through and complete the Star Trek Timelines demo with one of our team members, and register to join our "Bridge Crew" (free) while in the booth. Once you’ve completed those steps, you’ll be rewarded with a Star Trek Timelines Pinny Arcade pin. Engage!

Are you coming to PAX East to get your pin?  

Let us know here in the forums!

To learn more about the Pinny Arcade Pin Trading program, check out their site here: