Our Winners for the First Community Art Contest!

Hello everyone!

On October 26th, we announced the first Game of Thrones Ascent fan art contest. We received 28 entries of all types and sizes, and spent the last few days sorting them out and judging them. We had six judges from the team who ranked the entries from 1 - 10, where 1 was least impressive and 10 was most impressive. Each judge’s score was kept hidden from each other, so that their voting would not be influenced by the other judge’s scores.

Our first-place winner was a piece by Daiga, who used a great combination of felt, clay, and props to bring us Jon Snow and Ghost! Daiga will receive 50 gold in Game of Thrones Ascent, a Dormant Dragon Egg, and six Arbor Gold items in the game.

Our second-place winner was a piece by Alejandro Cabral. His entry, “The Tourney,” captured a great sense of detail and emotion surrounding the knight. Alejandro will receive 25 gold in Game of Thrones Ascent and a Dragonglass Dagger in the game.

Our third-place winner was a piece by Paolo Sanna, who drew an elegant black-and-white sketch of Sansa. Paolo will receive 25 gold in Game of Thrones Ascent.

Thanks again to all of our players who entered! We had a great time sharing and looking over your entries. You can view all of the entries in our Fan Art photo album - click here to see everyone's amazing entries.

The Disruptor Beam Team