Next Week & The Free Folk Tale #2

Next week’s Build will be out on Tuesday, November 10th giving us an extra day for testing and polishing. The Tale will be The Free Folk #2, and run from Wednesday, November 11 at 11:00am EST (16:00 UTC) to Sunday, November 15 at 5:00pm EST (22:00 UTC).

Journey with Jon Snow among The Free Folk in the frozen North. When Jon Snow joins Qhorin Halfhand, he never expects to end up in the wildling army. Or to fall in love. But when the fate of the Wall depends on him, who will he be -- a man of the Night's Watch or of the Free Folk?

The Peerless rewards include Frozen Scythe, Giant's Mammoth Furs and Mighty Giant.

This is a Battle/Intrigue Tale. So prepare your Sworn Swords for conflict and deceit in the harsh North in order to win rewards!