New Tale: Azor Ahai

This week we launch a brand new Tale: Azor Ahai Reborn!

From his fiery defeat on the Blackwater to his triumphant victory over the King Beyond the Wall, join Stannis Baratheon on his quest to become Azor Ahai reborn!

In this Tale, the focus is on Stannis as King Robert's true heir. The calculating Melisandre declares him Azor Ahai reborn and uses her sorcery to guide him.


Azor Ahai begins on Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 11:00 AM Eastern (3:00 PM UTC).


First ever 100% Battle Tale!

Top Leaderboard players in this Tale can earn unique titles like "The Reborn" and "The Chosen One", as well as items such as:
Azor Ahai's Sword Aflame
Azor Ahai's Cloak Aflame
Azor Ahai's Galleon

Please see the Rewards tab in game for a full listing of Leaderboard and Threshold rewards.

“The Iron Throne is mine by right. All those that deny that are my foes." - Stannis Baratheon