New Star Trek Timelines Key Art

Key art pieces like this one allow us to establish the look and feel of Star Trek Timelines as we plan and develop the game for the fans. 

Star Trek Timelines will allow you to experience a galaxy thrown into chaos by mysterious temporal events - of which combat is only a small part. Will you aid the Klingons against assimilation by the Borg Collective, or side with renegade drones against the bloodthirsty Klingons?

Borg vs. Klingon

(Click on image to see larger size!)

The Klingons may be made of tougher stuff - some call them the Berserkers of the future - but the Borg adapt as fast as challenges present themselves.  In the battle between Borg versus Klingon  - who do you think will win?  Let us know your stance in our forum post linked here.