New Loyalty Awards for our players!

Hello Bannermen! Two months ago, on our anniversary, we introduced an award for our players who have been with us for a year. With next week's build, we're introducing new awards to thank players who have been playing Game of Thrones Ascent at specific milestones. Going forward, we'll continue to add Loyalty Awards at important milestones, so our players have something to look forward to. 

All of these awards will be retroactively granted to our players if they have already passed these milestones. All of the gear (companions, weapons, etc.) will be permanent, and will come with you on reincarnations.


Loyalty Awards for Game of Thrones Ascent


For Accounts Seven Days Old

5,000 Silver

Westerosi Steed (Companion, 7/7/7, +1% to attacks and defense, permanent)


For Accounts Fourteen Days Old

Westerosi Steel (Hand, 7/7/7, +1% to attacks, permanent)

Westerosi Plate (Body, 7/7/7, +1% to defense, permanent)


For Accounts One Month Old

Seal of Celebration (2/2/2, +2% to wound recovery)

10 Gold


For Accounts Two Months Old

10,000 Silver

10 Gold


For Accounts Six Months Old

Seal of Festivities (3/3/3, +3% silver from Quests and Adventures)


For Accounts One Year Old

Faithful Hound (13/13/13, +7% to Quest and Adventure speed, permanent)


Going Forward

We plan on adding additional awards for major milestones, keeping with a cadence of every six months. Every six months, you'll get a new unique Legendary or better item or seal for continuing to play Game of Thrones Ascent. We also have a new code redemption system we're rolling out which may be used for special giveaways or limited-time offers for our players.


As always, we're happy to listen to feedback! Please provide feedback in this thread.