September Game Production Update

Hello Survivors,

My name is Rob Quimby, and I’m the Product Owner for THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR.

All of us at Disruptor Beam are honored by the great feedback we’ve received from our players, so we wanted to give you a peek at the new features and improvements we’re working on. These features will be rolling out over the next several weeks, with some going live even sooner. 


Many of you have already been planning how you’re going to seize control of Landmarks. You won’t have to wait long. We’ll be opening the first wave of Landmarks, which will include locations such as Police Stations and Libraries, as well as some major DC landmarks like the Pentagon and the Lincoln Memorial. The first Landmarks will feature king-of-the-hill style battles, allowing communities to compete for both bragging rights and community-wide prizes as they struggle to hold these locations against all challengers.

More iconic locations such as Sanctuary will be unlocked in upcoming updates, which will also feature new twists on ways to work together to both attack and defend these locations, as well as even more exciting and unique incentives to do so! We’re looking forward to working with the community and learning from how you play as we continue to build these ultimate achievements in MARCH TO WAR.


We also have plans for regular in-game events that you and your community can participate in to unlock valuable rewards. In the meantime you can still take part in activities such as last week’s Attack of the Swarm or this weekend’s Defense of Alexandria.


Swarms of walkers have been slain and fierce battles have been waged across our districts, but we know it hasn’t been as easy as you’d like for you to track your progress. In an future update, damage dealt to other Survivors, as well as resources gathered from them, will be tracked in new leaderboards.


We’ve heard your request for adding more chat features and quality of life updates. You’ll soon see a longer chat history for both world and Community chat. You will also be able to send direct messages from leaderboards, and more easily contact leaders of other communities.

New Council Members

MARCH TO WAR launched with 12 Council Members, and we’re going to be adding more fan-favorites over time, such as Ezekiel, Glenn and maybe even a tiger…

These are just some of the things that are in progress now. Sign up for the Survivor’s List to stay on top of major updates, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit for real-time news.

Thank you again for your support and feedback. All of us on the MARCH TO WAR team look forward to improving and expanding the game for years to come.

Rob Quimby