Making Star Trek Timelines: Meet the Teams

As you know, our Star Trek Timelines team is working hard to bring you the first in-game demo by PAX East.  Because this game is going to be epic, we need a lot of folks to move all the cogs during development.  With so many different parts to be done, our executive producer Rich Gallup divided the dev team into specific crews: the Continuing Mission crew, the Boldly Go group, and the Daystrom Institute.  I sat down with Rich to learn a bit more about what each group is contributing.

STT Teams

The Continuing Mission Crew

Star Trek Timelines will send players on missions throughout the galaxy, and this crew has been designing, prototyping and implementing various concepts of this core gameplay concept.   By rapidly creating and thoroughly testing numerous iterations, they are honing in on a fun experience invoking the conflicts and decisions faced in your favorite episodes.   

The Boldly Go Group

A captain needs a ship, and a ship needs space!.  Populated by artists and UI experts, the Boldly Go crew  is crafting the various starships and gorgeous systems you will be exploring - full of nebula, stars, and planets to discover.  We want travel between worlds to be seamless, awe inspiring and of course, fun.

The Daystrom Institute

This crew’s first task was to create our Research system, so naming them for Starfleet’s scientific and research facility was a logical conclusion.  Other responsibilities include the systems and tech behind equipment, itemization and general starship management.

Three Teams Working Together

In the beautiful symmetry of the Star Trek universe, our 3 crews each perform an essential part of the game’s development, similar to how Starfleet’s Engineering, Command, and Science departments worked together to keep the Enterprise running in every way. With less than a month to go until we reveal some of those first glimpses into the game, we’re confident our three crews will provide a stellar Star Trek Timelines experience for you, the fans!

Want to keep learning more? Stay tuned to this blog or sign up for the Bridge Crew program - we'll be releasing some detailed game information soon, including the first peak at some in game screenshots, and you won't want to miss out!