Luck Bonuses, AvA Updates, Performance Quests, and more!

Hello Bannermen!

We have quite a big build for you next Monday. It’ll take more than patch notes to explain what’s going on, so here is a longer and more detailed list of what we’re pushing live!


The Bat Phase of AvA

Our next AvA phase is the Bat Phase! We’re looking forward to all of our Bat men (har har) participating and enjoying the phase when it kicks off on June 17th. The Bat Phase will run from June 17th, at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC) until July 8th, at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC).

The Bat Phase rewards are the new title, “Dark Nightmare,” along with its variations: Frozen Nightmare, Golden Nightmare, Iron Nightmare, etc. We’re also giving out a Legendary item for some winners that can be crafted into a Peerless item, giving you a strong companion - the Nocturnal Killer!

Of course there are other changes for the Bat Phase - our first iteration on AvA parties, and the ability to lock camps!

NOTE: VP and camp contributions are unchanged for this phase.


AvA Parties

It’s only the first iteration, but AvA Parties are here. Rather than explain them, I’ll show them!

First, when you click Go on a camp on the War Map, the screen is a little different:


Yep, you have new options!

  • All sends out all Sworn Swords garrisoned in the region.
  • Group sends out your Battle, Trade, or Intrigue Sworn Swords garrisoned in that region.
  • Single lets you choose which of your Sworn Swords you want to use.

If you choose Single, nothing changes and the system continues as it has for the last eight phases. If you select Group or All, however, a new screen pops up:

Group Actions:

All Actions:

Choosing an action and clicking Go! sends out the Sworn Swords garrisoned in the region. Whether some or all are sent out depends on what you initially clicked (Group or All). Like Adventure Parties, players with large numbers of Sworn Swords may see the loading gears for a bit - we made some improvements to how the parties are sent out, but it will still take some time with dozens of Sworn Swords. We believe this is much more preferable than sending out Sworn Swords individually, though players may still do that.

Please know that this is just an initial implementation. We wanted to get something out there to make AvA more fun for all of our players, and prep for a more thorough implementation some time in the future.


Locking Camps

Alliance Leaders and Officers can now lock camps from contributions. This is a toggle that can be turned on and off, letting Alliance leadership prevent their members from accidentally contributing items or silver to the wrong camp. It can be turned on and off at any time.

Here is what it looks like on the camp screen:


Luck Bonus

Luck Bonus (the official name of the Mercy Rule) is here! Here’s what the final version of the system looks like:

Items that have a chance of crafting rare versions of themselves now have a dice icon attached to them. Instead of a rarity gem, the dice icon indicates that there are multiple items you could acquire.

The bar on the item indicates your normal chance of creating the rare version of the item, plus any luck you added to the item. For the example above, the rare result is getting two boons instead of one. Luck is generated in two ways:

  • Every time you fail to produce the rare version of the item, your Luck Bonus goes up by one.
  • You may add a single Black Gem per attempt to increase your Luck Bonus by 1, 2, or 5.

The system itself works this way:

  • You can view your Luck Bonus by hovering over the bonus bar.
  • Your Luck Bonus resets after you produce the rare result.
  • You can only add one gem of any type during each production.
  • Blue Gems provide a one-time bonus to producing the rare item. Black Gems add a permanent Luck Bonus to your attempts until you successfully create the rare version of the item.
  • Common and Uncommon Black Gems can be acquired through Adventures. Peerless Black Gems can be purchased through the shop for gold.
  • Each item has a set percentage chance to produce the item per Luck Bonus. For example, a Fireship adds 3% chance to produce a Fireship per Luck. Wildfire in the Alchemist Guild provides a 4% bonus to produce Wildfire per Luck.

We discussed retroactively adding attempts for Dragon Egg quickening and Dragon Egg hatching ONLY, and our plan is to do that on Monday, after the system is live. It requires some heavy lifting on the database side, so instead of doing it when the build goes out, we’ll do it shortly afterwards.

You can add Blue or Black Gems the same way that you normally add Gems:

In a future build, we’ll let you purchase Peerless Black Gems the same way you can purchase speed-ups: directly through this window.


Performance Quests

But wait, there’s more! Performance Quests are here, and while they’re not as exciting as better crafting or AvA changes, they are a fun addition to the game. Performance quests ask you to do things in the game other than answer Alvyn or Hugo’s questions. As examples, here are some things they could ask you to do:

  • Craft ten Longswords.
  • Make a friend (awww).
  • Attack a friend.
  • Join an Alliance.
  • Feed 50 loaves of bread to your Sworn Swords.
  • Reach level 25.

They look similar to regular quests, except they have a new quest icon and, when you click them, they display what you need to do:


Other Fixes

We have fixed some longstanding bugs with Monday’s release. A full list of the fixes will be in the Build Notes, found in the forums.


iPad, iPhone, and Android

All of the above changes are present in our next iPad build (currently in review) and our upcoming iPhone and Android launch builds.



While we don't anticipate there being any changes to these features before Monday, something could pop up last minute and require us to disable or change one of them. If it does, we'll keep you informed.

It’ll be a big build! As always, there is a chance that bugs will be present, and we ask for your patience when they show up. We’ll be watching the Live Bugs forum for any new issues, and our QA team will be busy reproducing any you find.

Questions or comments? Chat with us in the forums!