Lt. Tasha Yar in Timelines

Lt. Natasha Yar is a survivor. After growing up on the failed colony world of Turkana IV, a world of rampant crime, Tasha escaped at fifteen years old to join Starfleet and pursue an interest in security. Some time later, Tasha piqued the professional interest of Captain Picard while flying a rescue mission amidst a Carnelian minefield. Picard was decided on offering Lt. Tasha Yar the position of Security Chief aboard his second starship, the USS Enterprise D.

Given her early life experiences and subsequent passion for law and order, Lt. Yar specializes very well in one skill: Security. This makes her perfect on the tactical battle station in starship combat, at home on anything from a Galaxy class to a Bird of Prey.

Tasha’s traits include Human, Federation, and Starfleet. These traits are great for tackling Away Missions with several Security challenges, even in succession. She can make up for any Tired penalty effect when bolstered by trait boosts and a naturally higher Security score.