Level Update: Command and Garrison Points

Greetings, Bannermen!

One of our priorities in 2016 is to maintain the level of competitiveness our players currently enjoy. We have been examining the state of the game, especially with regard to the growing power and level of our players. The current highest level player is more than 1000 levels above the highest level from 6 months ago. While level is a good measure of progress in the game and accordingly provides more CP and GP, at a certain point that linear growth has exceeded what we believe is healthy for the game.

We have determined the best solution is to add a limit on the CP and GP being accrued. To this end, we’ve capped the level at which you can gain CP at 2600, and the level at which you can gain GP at 5000.  After a player reaches the relevant level, they will no longer gain CP or GP. This puts the total maximum CP any player can have (not including talents) at 525, and the maximum GP at 243. Note that the cap is only on CP and GP growth, so players will still be able to gain further levels. If the player is currently above those levels, their CP and GP will be rolled back to these new maximums. With these limits in place, we will be doing a one-time granting of Gold in scaling amounts to players that are currently beyond level 2600.

In addition to this change, we will be awarding a brand new Title (the Experienced) to players who reach Level 2600! Players already above level 2600 will receive this award on their next sign-in after the build.

These updates will go live with the build on Monday, February 1st.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this thread: