Gameplay Revealed: Landmarks

In THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR, you are unlikely to survive very long unless you team up with other players in groups called Communities. Smart, strong Communities devise cooperative strategies, defend each other against attack, and work together to overcome obstacles. Among these obstacles are Landmarks: points of strategic value on the Map which can be captured and controlled by Communities.

To get a better picture of what Landmarks are like, we sat down for a Q&A  with Michael Leoncavallo, Lead Game Designer on THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR.

Capture Sanctuary and hold it-if you can...

Capture Sanctuary and hold it-if you can...

1. What are Landmarks and how do they work?

Landmarks are locations on the Map players can fight over and control with their Community. The Community that controls a Landmark will gain rewards and benefits while they control it. rs send garrisons (raiding parties which occupy a distant location for an extended time) to defend the Landmark against other Communities who also wish to control it.

Some of these areas may have a strategic interest to the Community, like hospitals and police stations, while others are powerful symbols of a world gone by. All of them offer useful Community rewards to those who can hold on to them.

2. Does each Landmark in the game correspond with a real location in the world?

No, but some do. There are three types of Landmarks. The smallest Landmarks are represented by police stations, libraries, clinics, and gun shops. These exist throughout the Map and do not correspond with real locations in the world. The biggest Landmarks are the four main communities found in The Walking Dead comics: Alexandria, The Kingdom, Hilltop, and The Sanctuary. Between these two groups, though, live actual Washington, D.C. Landmarks like the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

3. How do Communities earn rewards by controlling Landmarks?

This depends on the type of Landmark. Each type functions a little differently than the others. Small Landmarks will reward a Community with resources while they control it. Bigger Landmarks will require a Community to hold and defend them for a period of time before gaining its associated benefits.

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the familiar places you'll discover in the game.

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the familiar places you'll discover in the game.

4. How can we tell the difference between an open and closed Landmark?

All Landmarks are represented on the Overview Map with a pale icon that shows whether it is open or closed. Also, tapping on the Landmark’s icon on the Map brings up a panel with more detailed information about its status and when it will change.

5. What are some of the rewards we can expect from holding Landmarks?

When small Landmarks open up they become gigantic resource caches holding millions of one resource. A Community can have multiple players gathering from the Landmark at the same time. On top of offering extra protection compared to gathering at a standard resource cache, every raiding party at the Landmark will have the amount they can carry increased. Each party will also have their gathering speed increased based on how many Survivors a Community sends to a Landmark. These Landmarks also have a chance of opening up with a small cache of bullets!

6. Are there strategies that would make a Community better at taking and holding Landmarks?

The Ansell Public Library is one of the fictional small landmarks in the game.

The Ansell Public Library is one of the fictional small landmarks in the game.

Most certainly! As a designer, how our players utilize the tools we've given them in unique and sometimes unexpected ways is one thing I am very excited to see. You’ll need friends - bring yours along from the real world into the game and give yourself a head start.

7. Can a Community try and hold more than one Landmark at a time?

If they are daring enough, powerful enough—or foolish enough. There is nothing to prevent a single Community from taking multiple Landmarks. It won't be easy, though, as Landmarks are spread out around the Map and could be difficult to defend if your Community members are too far away to quickly aid in defense of the Landmark..

8. We're a new Community and aren't strong enough to take or hold the main Landmarks.  Are there places we are likely to be able to play?

Our Map is huge! While there are a good number of Landmarks spread throughout the Map there is also plenty of open space far away from the Landmarks where a smaller Community can make their home and have a chance to grow before attempting to take over a Landmark. A good practice strategy for taking Landmarks is working with your community to take Walker Swarms. You’ll also receive great rewards!

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