Klingon Quark in Timelines

Today we’re revealing Klingon Quark, inspired largely by Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places. This variant of Quark has a few different advantages and disadvantages when compared to his bartending counterpart, who we revealed earlier this week.

How does this Ferengi come to wield a bat’leth? When Grillka, Quark’s ex-wife, shows up on Deep Space Nine with unknown intentions, Worf is interested at first sight. Yet Grillka comes to Quark, of all people, and neatly mentions her Great House has suffered significant financial losses. While Grillka refuses to ask for help because Klingons refuse to deal with, “-filthy ledgers and bank accounts.” it’s easy for Quark to take the hint. Grillka and Quark end up spending a significant time together as he assists her, and they genuinely seem interested in one another.

Fast-forwarding the story, Worf helps Quark using a Virtual Control Device. This allows Worf to control Quark's body and help the Ferengi defend himself. The battle rages through a technical glitch that forces Quark to stall for a tense moment before winning the fight. Afterwards, Quark hands the opponent’s bat'leth to Grilka in a gesture to prove his courage.

Given this Quark’s particularly unique ability in combat and Klingon romance (arguably the same things, to some) his skills are Diplomacy, Security, and Command. Additionally, Klingon Quarks’s traits are Ferengi, Klingon, scoundrel, and warrior.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s dual Quark crew reveals. Expect more crew reveals in the coming weeks and months as we further develop Star Trek Timelines into both the most authentic and most unique Star Trek game on iOS, Android, Windows, and OSX. If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for the Bridge Crew to stay tuned for further announcements regarding the game’s Fall 2015 launch!


... Ending Subspace Transmission.