It’s a Quartermaster Supply Week!

Hello Bannermen! Starting on July 13th at 7:00am EDT (11:00 UTC) , and running until July 20th at 7:00am, it's a Quartermaster Supply Week! We haven't had these before, so I'll explain in detail what a Quartermaster Supply Week is.



All-New Loot

Most importantly, it means all-new loot for the Quartermaster! For this week only, there's no prestige to be found anywhere. Instead, we have replaced the normal loot with the following:

  • A high chance of receiving a speed-up or uncommon resource.
  • A moderate chance of receiving a rare item or peerless gem.
  • A low chance of receiving Brienne, Jaqen, or Myrcella's peerless seals.
  • A very low chance of a dormant dragon egg!
  • And a very low chance of receiving the unique peerless items from the QM - but, that chance is almost triple your chance on a normal week!

Everyone will get a chance to pillage the QM's vast vaults. Just remember to be in an Alliance so you can pick up your free keys!

NOTE: Remember that you can still earn prestige through your in-game actions, like Adventures! You can earn up to 2,000 prestige a day doing those actions, and most Alliances and players we looked at had a lot of prestige banked, enough that the 3,500 from the weekly QM wouldn't be missed. The QM will go back to giving out prestige after this week is done. If we decide to do more QM Supply Weeks, we may update the daily prestige limit to 2,500. Give us feedback on the forums!

Cheaper Quartermaster Boxes

Purchasing an additional Quartermaster box is cheaper than ever! An individual box is only three gold, and buying ten at a time is only twenty-five gold. Even if you don't purchase any boxes, you'll still have over a dozen chances to get resources, speedups, seals, and maybe a peerless item of your own!


The Quartermaster Awaits

Make sure to jump into the game every day to claim your free key, and get your second key by completing adventures or other game actions that earn prestige. He'll close his vaults on the 20th, so grab your keys, ready your boxes, and clean him out!