Introducing World Events to Game of Thrones Ascent

Hello Bannermen! Today we’re going to talk about our upcoming World Events system, and how it integrates with the existing AvA system.


What are World Events?

Several months ago, the team sat down and discussed how AvA could fit into a broader narrative. Up until now, AvA has been run in parallel to both Volume You and Season Four, which seemed like a lost opportunity to us. At the same time, we were planning out what we wanted to do post-Season Four. We had already done a questline based on your character’s personal history - called Volume You, it began after Season Three and culminated right before the beginning of Season Four. Just doing the same thing again wasn’t appealing to us.

At the same time, we knew we wanted to broaden the appeal of Alliances and get more people engaged in AvA. Why not combine narrative with AvA? It would be exciting to combine the quest flow with AvA phases, tying what’s going on in the world with what’s going on in AvA. With that in mind, our Narrative team began working on storylines that we could integrate with AvA phases. The ending of a phase of AvA, however, is only exciting to players who participate in AvA, and not everyone enjoys the competitive side of the game. Out of that discussion came the idea of World Events, which would tie the story, questing, adventures, and AvA into an awesome experience.

World Events are composed of three stages:


Stage 1

Stage 1 lasts one week. New storyline adventures and repeatable quests begin, both of which allow you to gather new resources and rewards. These new resources are used to begin creating camps during Stage 1. During Stage 1, camps may only be built and upgraded with items from these quests and adventures. Spoils are not needed to build camps during Stage 1. These camps do not provide hourly or static VP, follow the tiering scale of item contributions, cannot be attacked, and are limited to Level 10 during Stage 1. AvA attacks are not allowed in Stage 1.


Stage 2

Stage two lasts three weeks. Stage 2 is the current AvA phase as you know it. Once Stage 2 begins, camp creation and upgrade requirements flip to their current (Bat phase) requirements, but camps retain the levels they gained in Stage 1. Camps levels are unlocked to Level 20. During Stage 2, AvA attacks are allowed, and VP accrues from camps and AvA attacks. We still have AvA rewards for the winners of AvA.

During Stage 2, new Alliance Challenges become available, which are unlockable through rare and legendary drops in the new adventures. Both rewards from these new challenges as well as spoils from AvA may be used to unlock the Stage 3 World Event. The intent is to provide a parallel path for Alliances, who can choose to unlock the World Event through participation in AvA, or through completing the new Alliance Challenges.


Stage 3

Stage 3 lasts one week. Stage 3 is the World Event itself. A new screen becomes available, where you may use your Sworn Swords to communally complete the World Event. That’s right - everyone in the game participates together to win the World Event. Before you can begin the World Event, the community needs to unlock access to the World Event by contributing the new AvA and Challenge rewards you picked up in Stage 2. Once the World Event is unlocked, all players can begin participating in the World Event - there is no cap on participation, and you don’t have to participate in AvA to join in the World Event.

Alliance members may craft and use World Event buffs for their Alliance, which provides bonuses to damage, speed of attacks, number of attacks, etc. for your Alliance during the event. These buffs only apply to your Alliance. World Events have four levels, and as the community clears each level of the World Event, better prizes unlock for every participant. After the week is over, the prizes are given out to everyone who participated in the World Event, and the cycle is completed.


One more time!

Stage 1 - “Preparation”

  • Lasts one week.
  • Has new, unique quests.
  • Has new, unique adventures.
  • Items from these quests and adventures are used in addition to normal items to build and upgrade camps.
  • Camps are capped at Level 10.
  • Camps cannot be attacked.


Stage 2 - “Competition”

  • Lasts three weeks.
  • Begins the AvA phase.
  • Has new, unique alliance challenges.
  • VP begins to accrue for camps and attacks.
  • Camps are capped at Level 20.
  • Camps use their normal items for construction and upgrades.
  • Camps may be attacked.
  • New alliance challenges and AvA rewards drop items used in Stage 3.
  • At the end of Phase 2, AvA rewards are given out.


Stage 3 - “Cooperation”

  • Lasts one week.
  • Has a new, unique World Event.
  • The World Event is unlocked for everyone through the contribution of items from the Stage 2 challenges, and AvA spoils.
  • After being unlocked, the World Event has four levels.
  • Each World Event level that is cleared unlocks a better reward for all participants.
    • For example, completing level 1 unlocks an Common Permanent Companion.
    • Completing level 4 unlocks a Legendary version of that Permanent Companion.
    • Luck recipes will be available for a limited time after the event, letting you craft your rewards into Peerless versions of the item!
  • There is no restriction on participating in the World Event.
  • There is no cap on World Event participants.
  • Players may craft and use buffs to give their Alliance bonuses in the World Event.
  • At the end of Stage 3, World Event rewards are given out.


How does this affect AvA?

World Events tie AvA into Game of Thrones Ascent’s broader narrative. As some players have noticed, regional rewards have changed in the last three phases, with certain regions offering better rewards than others. We plan on this continuing under World Events, with the special region tying directly into the storyline, and with your new quests reflecting this regional emphasis as well.

Of course, the biggest impact comes from constructing camps in the world event’s first stage. We think this will be a benefit to Alliances participating in AvA: You’ll be able to build up the garrison size and CP cap of your camps before combat begins, smaller Alliances will have a better chance of reaching Level 20 camps, and low-level Alliance members have more chances to meaningfully contribute by completing the new adventures and quests.

AvA rewards grant new items, in addition to their gear and seal rewards, that allow you to unlock the World Event, as well as allowing you to craft the new buffs for the World Event.

Note: We are aware of the discussions surrounding the farming of AvA camps, and we’re considering how best to address that alongside the World Event changes. AvA updates should be considered separate from the World Event discussion.


What is the schedule for World Events?

The first World Event cycle will be the Iron Bank Cycle.


Here is the schedule we’re working towards with the launch of World Events:

  • July 8th, 2014: End of the Bat Phase.
  • July 21st, 2014: Beginning of Stage 1 of the Iron Bank Cycle.
  • July 28th, 2014: Beginning of Stage 2 of the Iron Bank Cycle.
  • August 18th, 2014: Beginning of Stage 3 of the Iron Bank Cycle.
  • August 25th, 2014: Beginning of Stage 1 of the next World Event cycle!

We’re working towards this schedule, but dates and times are subject to change.


What’s going on next week?

Since there’s a longer than normal break between AvA phases, we’re having a Player Appreciation Week next week! We have many bug fixes in the build, plus some bonuses for our players:

  • Between 7/14/14 7:00am EDT until 7/21/14 7:00am EDT, four individual seal slots are discounted up to 60%. Normally, seal slots for items and Sworn Swords cost 3g/5g/7g/9g/11g/13g. For next week only, seal slots on items and Sworn Swords will cost 3g/5g/5g/5g/5g/5g! That’s up to a 50% discount on seal slots, and a 40% discount to unlock an entire item. NOTE: Character seal slots are NOT discounted.
  • New seals are added to the shop! Peerless seals and legendary seals have been added to the shop, letting you outfit your newly-unlocked slots.
  • Sworn Swords gold cost has been reduced in the Keep, to match their seal slot unlocked cost.
  • Adventures are giving out 50% more XP next week!
  • Adventure drop rates for some legendary items and black gems have been increased! The specific items will be in the patch notes.
  • And new deals in the shop!

Questions and comments? Talk with us in the forum!