Introducing the Dragon Pit and Great Hall!

Hello Bannermen! With our Second Expansion, Fire and Blood, we are introducing two new buildings to Game of Thrones Ascent: the Great Hall, and the Dragon Pit! Both buildings may be constructed by any player, as long as they meet the level requirements for the buildings.


All of the below blog is still pre-release and may change before release!!!


The Great Hall

The Great Hall is where you’ll find all the recipes needed to turn your Tales Keepsakes into valuable Tales items. The Great Hall building upgrades all give you bonuses to producing Tales items with your Tales Keepsakes, but importantly, they do not give you stat bonuses. All of the upgrades give you bonuses like decreased crafting time for Tales recipes, increase your Luck on Tales recipes, or unlock new recipes.

The recipes you’ll find in the Great Hall only require two things: Tales Keepsakes, and silver. The recipes could provide you with resources, like gems or crafting materials, but most of them will let you create rare, legendary, and peerless items and seals for the current Tale.

What are Tales Keepsakes? Tales Keepsakes are items you’ll earn during your attempts at a Tale. Found mostly in the fourth and fifth challenge loot, they’re items that you earn by completing the challenges. Unlike renown, they’re not wiped or reset at the end of a Tale, so you can earn hundreds or thousands of them across multiple Tales.

Every Tale, we’ll swap out the items and seals in the Great Hall, giving you the chance to craft items and seals that provide large bonuses to the specific Tale that is running. For example, for our first Tale, The Dragon Queen, you’ll be able to use Tales Keepsakes to craft items like Khaleesi Bloodrider Bow. The bow gives 30% to Trade attacks in the Tale, and a 10% renown boost to Trade stages in the Tale.

We don’t expect players to have enough Tales Keepsakes to crank out these items for every event. Our expectation is that players will hoard their Tales Keepsakes across several Tales until they see a Tale they really, really want to win; players will then spend a large number of Tales Keepsakes to craft the items related to that Tale, and push themselves to victory. To encourage that, every recipe in the Great Hall is very quick: the base time for producing a Tale item is only an hour. That means you can start producing Tales items very shortly after a Tale begins. Some of the Tales items will only have bonuses for the specific Tale they're built for, while others might have bonuses specific to that Tale, and bonuses for all Tales. It's possible those items will become useful again if we re-run a Tale ...

We also included a recipe that turns 1,000 silver into a Tale Keepsakes. This recipe only takes 20 minutes, and is a good way to supplement the Keepsakes you earn in the Tale itself.

The Great Hall can be constructed at level 15, and requires no talent points to construct.



The Dragon Pit

The Dragon Pit has caused a lot of excitement since we first announced it. Not only is it where you evolve your Baby Dragons into Young Dragons, it’s the first time that non-reincarnators can hatch their very own Baby Dragon. The Dragon Pit does have stats associated with it, and when fully upgraded, it should provide a 20/20/20 boost to your stats. It also has some unique and awesome stats associated with its upgrades, including bonus luck, decreased luck recipe crafting time, and other stats.

The most often asked question since we announced the Dragon Pit has been, “How do the recipes in the Dragon Pit compare to the recipes in the fealty buildings?” Here are the comparisons to the fealty recipes:

  • The Aurochs recipe requires 27 grains, 5 pure water, and 18 horse, compared to the 18/3/12 in the Feast. Craft duration is unchanged.
  • The Great Horn recipe requires 3 Aurochs, 1 Forest Armors, and 4 Crystal Swords, compared to the 2/1/3 in the Hunting Lodge. Craft duration is unchanged.
  • The Jeweled Armor recipe requires 3 Forest Armors, 12 Sparkling Jewels, and 20 steel, compared to the 2/8/15 in the Mine. Craft duration is about 70% longer than the Mine recipe.
  • The Dragon Horn recipe requires 1 Great Horn, 15 Valyrian Glyphs, and 1 Jeweled Armor, compared to the 1/10/1 in the Shipyard. Craft duration is unchanged.
  • The Baby Dragon recipe requires 1 Quickened Dragon Egg, 6 Pyres, and 1 Dragon Horn, compared to the 1/4/1 in the Reliquary. Craft duration is roughly double the Reliquary recipe. Luck to reach 100% is unchanged from the Reliquary recipe.

So to sum up: hatching a Baby Dragon in the Dragon Pit takes more time and more items than using the traditional fealty buildings. It’s also single-threaded, meaning you can only be producing one of these items at a time. You can’t have a Dragon Horn being built at the same time as a Great Horn or Aurochs.

You might have noticed some of the numbers above are a bit different from the recipes we currently have in the fealty buildings; we are looking at changing the fealty recipes so they are a bit better compared to the Dragon Pit recipes.

Most importantly, these new recipes are in addition to the recipes our reincarnators already have in their fealty buildings. If you have the materials, you could have two Baby Dragon recipes running at once, or two Jeweled Armors at once. Luck, however, does not carry between the recipes; you would need to build up new luck on the Dragon Pit recipes.

Moving on to the next evolution of dragons, there are new items, new recipes, and an important question: How are we handling colored baby dragons?

Colored Baby Dragons may only be evolved into the Young Dragon of their color. A Red Baby Dragon can only be evolved into a Red Young Dragon.

Uncolored Baby Dragons may be evolved into an uncolored Young Dragon. If you want to evolve your Young Dragon into a colored dragon, you can change your uncolored Young Dragon into a colored Young Dragon in the Alchemist’s Guild.

We’re also working to make sure your Baby Dragon names are carried through when you evolve them into Young Dragons.

The items used in the Young Dragon recipe include some new items:

  • The Warlock, a new legendary unit produced in the Alchemist’s Guild, with 20 Intrigue and a 10% bonus to Sabotage.
  • Dracarys, a boon crafted in the Dragon Pit, that provides a bonus to attacks and dealing wounds.
  • The High Valyrian Scroll, a legendary hand item that has 17 Trade and 17 Intrigue, with bonuses to Sworn Sword experience in Trade and Intrigue.
  • Weirwood Ash, a new resource that requires Black Ash, Weirwood, and a Pyre to make. This is used when creating Dracarys.

Using a Dracarys and Warlocks, you’ll be able to start evolving your Baby Dragons. It’s not an easy task; with all of the components, building upgrades, and resources needed, we think it will be a while before we see our first Young Dragons. But like our Baby Dragons, we know our players will surprise us with the ingenuity and drive to become the mothers and fathers of Young Dragons … and beyond.

The Dragon Pit can be constructed at level 75, and requires no talent points to construct.



The New Buildings Come in Fire and Blood

Both of these new buildings, new upgrades, new recipes, and new items will be available for players when we launch Fire and Blood, Game of Thrones Ascent’s second expansion. When Fire and Blood launches, you’ll find both buildings added to your buildings bar, where you can immediately start constructing and upgrading them.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in Fire and Blood soon!