Introducing Stage 1 of the Braavos cycle!

Hello Bannermen!

Our very first World Event cycle is coming to a close, and it’s time to discuss what Stage 1 looks like for the second World Event cycle: the Braavosi Cycle!

NOTE: All screenshots in this blog are from the web version of the game. iOS and Android platforms will have a modified UI, with the same functionality.


Stage 1 Feedback and Changes

After the first Stage of the Iron Bank cycle, the DB team sat down and discussed a lot of player feedback on the stage. From that discussion come two changes to how Stage 1 is completed:

  • The cooldown time on the quests has been reduced from 8 hours to 4.
  • Camps have had their Stage 1 requirements drastically changed.

The first change is straightforward. Quest respawn timers are decreased to four hours from completion. You can queue up Adventures while the quest is respawning, and get the quest completion time down to once every four hours. The performance quests remain the same: Adventures or PtP, scaled to your Command Points.

We’ll be watching quest completion times this cycle, and listening to your feedback, to see whether this is a balanced respawn time, or whether the timer needs to be adjusted further.

Camp requirements have been changed quite a bit. We heard your feedback that building camps in Stage 1 was just a mirror of Stage 2, so we have removed most of the crafting items required for camps, and have replaced them with the following items:

(click to enlarge)

With the new camp requirements, only three crafted items remain: Ladders, Turtles, and Trebuchets. The rest of the requirements are common resources, gems, Adventure rewards, and spoils.

NOTE: Actual requirements will vary based on your Alliance's tier.

We also fixed two bugs that were present last time:

  • We fixed the bug where static camp VP was showing in Stage 1. VP should no longer show during Stage 1, nor should Alliances be able to see where Alliances built camps by looking at the War Map.
  • We fixed the bug where VP from Stage 1 was calculated at the beginning of Stage 2. We should not see hourly VP retroactively added at the beginning of Stage 2.

A New World Event Panel

The World Event panel has been overhauled and now has 100% more functionality! A scrollable carousel now lets you see the camps you have built, while two new buttons let you go directly to PtP and Adventures.


New Adventures and Rewards

With a new cycle come new adventures and new rewards! We continue our adventures into Braavos, following our expeditions and attacks across the Narrow Sea in the last World Event cycle. Four more Adventures have been added into the Forging Bonds Adventures tab:



These new Adventures allow you to acquire new items. These new items, along with the previous cycle’s Adventures and items, are used in upgrading your camps. The existing Adventures from the Iron Bank cycle will still be around, letting you continue acquiring those items as well.



The Braavos Cycle starts September 2nd at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC)

The next World Event cycle will start on Tuesday, September 2nd at 12:00pm EDT. This does mean that there is a 24-hour break between the end of Iron Bank Stage 3 on September 1st at 12:00pm EDT, and Stage 1 of the Braavos cycle. During those 24 hours, the event will show as ended, and players won’t be able to build camps or send orders.

We’ll be sitting down next week and discussing how Stages 2 and 3 performed, and going over your feedback.

Thanks for your support, and have a great weekend finishing Stage 3 of the Iron Bank cycle!