Introducing Arya and the Hound!

Hello Bannermen! Tomorrow is the start of our third Tale, Arya and the Hound! Let’s dig into some differences between our first two Tales and Arya and the Hound.



No SS Death in Arya and the Hound

We dug into reports of incorrect Sworn Sword death in Slaver’s Bay, especially where players reported the Sworn Sword had no debuffs that led to death. We didn’t find any bugs with Sworn Sword death, but we did decide that SS death remains hard to predict. We’re changing the UI to better show when a Sworn Sword is near death, but until then, we’re removing the SS debuffs in all Tales going forward, until the UI is updated. That means there are no debuffs that kill your Sworn Sword in Arya and the Hound.


Changing Buffs and Debuffs

Arya and the Hound is 50% Battle, and 50% Intrigue. Our next Tale, Tyrion in Exile, will be the first Trade and Intrigue Tale.

Arya and the Hound buffs and debuffs now line up better with the action you’re attempting, and some special situations exist - attempts where a failure immediately exhausts your Sworn Sword, or you get multiple stacks of a buff or debuff have been introduced in Arya and the Hound. They're rare, but they can pop up during your Tale.

In general, you'll see debuffs and buffs line up better with the type of action you're taking.


New Rewards and Titles!

It wouldn’t be a new Tale without new, unique rewards, including three all-new titles:

  • The Lone Wolf, given to those players who place first, second, or third.
  • Outlaw, given to those players who place fourth to fiftieth.
  • Wanderer, given to those who place fifty-first to one-hundredth.

The new rewards include three new peerless items that you can win. Place in the top 100 players, and get at least one of the new Hound items:




Last Tale, we gave away 120,950 gold to our Tales participants - that’s almost $25,000 worth of gold! Climb to the Top 2,500 Tales players and get a piece of that gold for yourself, in addition to unlocking gold through threshold rewards.


Arya and the Hound starts tomorrow at 11:00am EDT!

Arya and the Hound starts tomorrow at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC). It will run for four days, until May 31st at 6:00pm EDT (22:00 UTC). We’re planning on running Arya and the Hound, along with our next Tale, Tyrion in Exile, for four days. After Arya and Tyrion are over, we’ll ask you what you prefer: Seven-day Tales, four-day Tales, or something else.

With Arya and the Hound's shorter time, we've decreased some of the renown threshold rewards so they're more achievable by players in the four days, rather than the seven days the previous Tales had.


Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing our victors in Arya and the Hound!