Interactions with Other Players

No one stands alone.

You will be confronted by enemies and consort with friends – but those you relied on may turn against you, and those your enemies may become staunch allies. Such is the Game of Thrones.

Taking actions against others is not the simple choice of choosing to fight or sitting it out. Game of Thrones Ascent revolves around three core categories of action: battle, trade and intrigue. As you develop your power, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll focus on one of these three areas or attempt combine them into a unique approach to power.

Battle includes martial capabilities that involve protecting yourself and your allies with the force of arms. You can come to the aid of allies, bolstering their abilities for a short time, or you can harass an opponent by raiding their territory.

Some in Westeros have gained their power by learning how to best generate wealth. Trading allows you to bribe enemy agents, create mutual profit through bartering, or trick others into parting with their hard-earned silver.

Sometimes the path to power is through knowledge of secrets and spies in the night, rather than overt force.  With intrigue, your spies can gain information about your enemies (and friends), sabotage resources, or steal money.

If you desire permanent allies, you can join an alliance or form one of your own. Alliance members may socialize, communicate, and coordinate their activities. Alliances may also enter into conflicts with other alliances, with riches and glory going to the victors.

Wedding Feast

For a more personal commitment, you can also form pacts directly with specific players. The most important pacts in Westeros involve marriage. In Game of Thrones Ascent, you can marry another player. You may send gifts to your spouse – or pretend to send a gift in order to double-cross. Just be aware that your spouse may be making the same choices. Oh, and be discrete if you have a secret tryst behind your spouse’s back – for there are consequences to being discovered.

You may enter into betrothal pacts to marry your children to the children of other characters, which yields its own advantages.

Influence and Pacts

As you establish political alliances and gain in renown, you’ll wield more influence. In Game of Thrones Ascent, your influence can be a powerful weapon for gaining access to special perks and gaining the allegiance of the powerful sworn swords.

Westeros is full of nobles like you, trying to carve their place in the world. Who will be an ally? Who will be a foe? And can you tell the difference?