How to Earn Faction Rewards in Star Trek Timelines

Completing faction missions provides increasingly useful rewards in STAR TREK TIMELINES. Captains can earn equipment to unlock higher crew levels, training programs to instantly add experience to any chosen crew, and even starship schematics to build new vessels. Today’s how-to blog is all about using factions centers to start and complete faction missions, and earn bigger and better rewards.

Earning more Faction Missions

In Timelines, each faction has a homeworld. And, whether it’s Earth for the Federation or Qo’nos for the Klingons, each homeworld has a faction center.

The button highlighted with a yellow circle will open the Factions window.

The button highlighted with a yellow circle will open the Factions window.

Faction centers sell faction-related items primarily for a set amount of merits, which can be earned every day by completing certain Daily Missions. However, faction centers will also sell items like starship schematics or even crew for credits or dilithium.

Faction centers refresh their stock often to offer new equipment, crew, and even starship schematics.

Most importantly, factions centers are the only place you can buy faction-specific transmissions.

What are Transmissions?

Transmissions, which  can be purchased with merits, are spent to begin a faction mission for the specific faction they were purchased from, such as the Federation or Klingon Empire.

Transmissions ultimately allow you to earn rewards  from a faction you purchase them from. (Some factions have similar names, so be sure to avoid confusing Ferengi Traditionalist transmission when you really wanted a Ferengi Alliance one.)

Sending Crew on Faction Missions

Once you’ve picked up some transmissions you can start playing faction missions.

After choosing a faction mission, it’s time for the most important part: selecting your crew!

The bottom-left shows possible rewards. The bottom-right shows how long this faction missions will take to complete.

Whenever you select an open position to choose one of your crew, Timelines will automatically arrange the crew list so that the crew member best suited to that position are placed near the top, and the least effective crew are near the bottom.

Empress Sato seems the best choice here, but we’ll save her for some Away Missions while Founder takes care of this Federation mission.

Before sending a shuttle out on a faction mission, each crew requirement must first be met.

The first two missions for any faction take a very short amount of time to complete. This is to help new Captains get a feel for the system. After the first two missions for a faction are completed, additional missions will take three hours to complete.

Once a faction mission is finished, see your results by pressing the “Complete” button.

On the far-left reward we earned three rare (blue) training programs, and on the far-right we gained 8 reputation points with the Federation.

As you purchase transmissions and work through faction missions, you’ll earn faction reputation points, as seen in the above image. You’ll also earn equipment and training programs, all of which make crew more capable in Away Missions, Starship Battles, and even more difficult faction missions.

Faction Mission Difficulty

Each Faction’s overall faction mission difficulty and rewards are responsive to your successful missions. That means successfully completing faction missions will lead to more challenging and rewarding faction missions in the future.

Understanding Shuttle Icons

Each time you send a crew out on a faction mission, it requires one available shuttle. You can purchase new shuttles by pressing the runabout icon in the upper-right.

Furthermore, the numbers next to the runabout icon shows you how many faction missions are in progress, and how many shuttles you have in total . So if you’ve only got one of two runabouts on a mission, it’s a good idea to send more!

The “1/3" means one shuttle is out on a faction mission out of three in total. Time for two more faction missions!

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