Happy Anniversary, Captain Picard

28 years ago on this day, the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted on broadcast television. To celebrate the occasion, we’re revealing a new Picard both today and tomorrow.

A man of many interests and talents (such as Terran literature and the Ressikan flute) Enterprise-D Picard brings to _Star Trek Timelines_ exactly what he brings to any starship: insightful leadership, diplomatic tactics and a commanding presence.

Whether combating the Borg or confounding the Q, this version of Picard, Enterprise-D Picard, is a captain of legendary skill, decisive action, and sharp reasoning. Given all of these qualities, Enterprise-D Picard’s crew skills are Diplomacy, Command, and Science. His traits are Human, Federation, and Starfleet, all of which results in a crew member you can count on in nearly any Away Mission or Starship Battle.