Results from the Kingsguard Phase

This blog was updated October 19th to correct mistakenly-reported results in several regions: The North, Westerlands, Crownlands, and Stormlands. We apologize for any inconvenience these errors might have caused, and have updated our processes to make sure we don’t make this error in future phases. 

Greetings Bannermen,

The time has come to announce the Regional Titles and Final Superlative Results for the Kingsguard AvA Phase. Congratulations to all Alliances who participated!

Regional Kingsguard Title Winners

Superlative Winners

As a reminder, the first place Alliance in any region is not eligible for that region’s Superlative, though they can win Superlatives in other regions, along with the All Regions Superlative. With the addition of titles for the second rank Alliance, they too are now ineligible to win the Superlative in that region. The winner of the All Regions Superlative is ineligible to win any other Superlative.


Kingsguard Domination.png

Greatest amount of VP earned by an Alliance across all of Westeros.

The North - In Their Majesty's Service

Kingsguard North.png

Iron Islands - All that Glitters Is Not Armor

Kingsguard Iron Islands.png

Westerlands - Ours is Not to Question Why

Crownlands - We Don't Just Cheat Death

Kingsguard Crownlands.png

Stormlands - Watch and Learn

Dorne - Licence to Kill

Kingsguard Dorne.png

The Reach - Just Doing My Job Ma'am

Riverlands - Means Not Ends

Kingsguard Riverlands Fixed.png

The Vale - Only When You Laugh

Kingsguard Vale.png

Next week, we'll provide our post-phase analysis in a new blog post. Meanwhile, have a wonderful day in Westeros!