Oracle Phase: Looking Back and Going Forward


Greetings Bannermen,
Today, we tried for the second time in two days to roll out the experimental AvA phase called Oracle. Unfortunately, due to a server caching issue, the problem repeated itself today. While our skillful back-end maesters identified the issue and cleared the cache relatively quickly, we announced a stop to the phase so as not to waste any more players’ time. We did, however, keep the phase live for a while so we could take the opportunity to test Oracle in the real world. Happily, we can announce that Oracle at last worked as designed and expected. Camps upgraded, waves went out and timers ticked!  Satisfied it worked properly, we then turned the phase off, since running the phase at that point would not have been fair to the majority of players.
We know that having an AvA phase fail two days in a row is disappointing and frustrating for everyone, and that many of you organized your time around the start of this phase. We apologize and hope you will accept 50 Gold in the form of a King’s Gift: Note: We’re told that this particular King’s Gift runs the risk of displaying a broken image, along with “50 GOLD” - In any case, if you carry on, accept the gift and you will find the 50 Gold in your reserves. 

Now that we have confirmed that Oracle is ready, we have decided to reschedule it for next Tuesday, November 7th, starting at 11:00 am ET (16:00 UTC) and running 48 hours until Thursday, November 9th at 11:00 am ET (16:00 UTC). The Tales event, set for next week on Friday, will run as scheduled. We hope that you and your Alliance enjoy the Tales event and will join us for Oracle to try out some new AvA functionality, and earn some rewards and XP in the process.