Kingsguard AvA Phase Analysis

Greetings Bannermen,

They were the best of the best of the best. The Kingsguard served their Alliances loyally and with valor in every region. Now is the time to reflect on their noble service. 

First, the standings. Every phase seems to have its "Title of note”, and this phase it was in the Reach. The “Rainbow Guard" First Rank Title was created to honor of the personal guard of Renly Baratheon. Congratulations, therefore, to The Fabulous Watchers on the Stonewall who won this coveted title—and would have won the Superlative as well if such things were permitted. Though, instead, the Superlative went to Knights of the Queensguard. 

Here, for those who were wondering, is how the Superlative in The Reach played out over the course of the Phase. 

As usual, there were a few close battles from region to region. In Kingsguard, we enjoyed watching A Brotherhood Without Banners chase Shagga Likes Axes in the Vale. It wasn’t until the fourth day of the phase that Brotherhood passed Shagga, however, taking the First Rank Title and leaving them second place. 

vale (2).png

As they often do, the Harmful Actions breakdown corresponds in Kingsguard with the regional competition among Alliances. This time it was the Fabulous Watchers on the Stonewall (hello, again!) who were the force to be reckoned with—at least for A Little Fingered, on whom they concentrated their efforts.  


This phase, the high numbers for the Dorne Superlative caught the eye of our data maesters. They wondered if the Superlative itself was driving up the number of Sworn Swords killed, or if other regions had similar numbers of expired Sworn Swords. We wondered that too, so asked our maesters to create a ranking of the top three Sworn Sword killers in each region.

Top three “Most Sworn Swords killed by an Alliance per participant (minimum 5 participants)

Top three “Most Sworn Swords killed by an Alliance per participant (minimum 5 participants)

While it might come as a surprise to many, it does appear that the Dorne Superlative made Alliances there even more dangerous, as compared to other regions. We’ll certainly keep this in mind with future Superlatives.

Congratulations again to all the Alliances who participated in Kingsguard. As already announced, the next phase will be a special "blitz" phase called Oracle. It will run from Wednesday, November 1st at 11am ET (15:00 UTC), to Friday, November 3rd at 11am ET (15:00 UTC). Oracle will have a number of game changes to give you a fun and different experience, and to help us test some new functionality.  We will provide a detailed blog this Friday that will provide you with specific details to help your Alliance prepare their strategy.