Faction Event: Ghost in the Machine

Greetings, Captains,

Doctor Noonian Soong ran out of time to perfect his androids; the temporal anomaly crisis has given him a second chance. With the benefit of being able to study Data, Lore, and B4’s development since his death, Doctor Soong has come to a startling conclusion: the physicality of an android is actually a hindrance to the development of an artificial lifeform. The true artificial lifeform isn’t bound by the limitations of a physical body, but moves at the speed of thought, more like a hologram. To that end, with the help of the Augments, Doctor Soong has begun experiments in creating a new artificial lifeform, a fusion of hologram and android. This has attracted attention from his “son,” Lore, who objects to the notion that androids like himself are flawed and has recruited the Romulans to his cause. Holograms and Androids alike who object to this research but do not trust Lore have found a champion in Winn Adami and the Bajorans, who argues that these new lifeforms are given sentience by the Prophets, not men.



Event Begins: Friday, October 28, 2016, Noon ET (1600 UTC)

Event Ends: Tuesday, November 1, 2016, Noon ET (1600 UTC)

Squadron play/rewards: ACTIVE

Squadron Character Sharing: ACTIVE






Doctor Nonian Soong

Rogue Winn Adami


Event characters receive a larger bonus than bonus characters, but all characters listed below will receive bonuses:

Dr. Soong - Legendary
Lore - Super Rare
The One, Lore -Legendary
Warship Janeway - Super Rare
Doctor Chaotica - Legendary
Holodeck 3 Dr. Brahms - Rare
Hologram Barclay - Super Rare
Holonovel Doctor - Super Rare
Mobile Doctor - Legendary
Command Hologram - Super Rare
The Professor - Legendary
Rogue Kai Winn - Legendary
Vedek Winn Adami - Rare
Lt. Cmdr. Data - Uncommon
Tempted Data - Legendary
Detective Data - Legendary
Frank Hollander -Legendary