Getting Around the Galaxy in Star Trek Timelines

Whether it’s playing through Daily Missions or taking advantage of shortcuts between crew and their most-needed equipment, Captains have some helpful options when moving around the STAR TREK TIMELINES galaxy. In today’s guide, we’ll detail how to find what your crew needs even faster.

Daily Missions

One efficient way to find content in Timelines is by selecting Daily Missions on the bottom-left corner of the main screen.

Within the Daily Missions window you can jump directly to an in-game activity by pressing any “Engage” button.

Daily Missions are great for finding game content and earning extra rewards.

It’s a good idea to double-check your Daily Missions once or twice each day, as completing one Daily Mission can unlock another tier with both a greater challenge and reward.

Crew Management Screen

Crew Management is arguably one of the most useful ways to find required equipment for your crew.

From here, you can select any missing equipment and immediately locate the Away Mission, Starship Battle, or Faction Mission able to reward the necessary equipment or components needed to improve your crew.

You can select crew equipment to see more information, including the equipment a crew member needs so they can advance their level-cap another 10 levels. Let’s select the “Phaser Type 2” on Data’s equipment list, which has a down arrow letting you know it can be acquired and equipped by Data.

Selecting the “Phaser Type 2” icon shows us it’s actually a 1-star item that requires two basic “Phaser Type 2” items to build. (See our first game guide update for more information on item rarity.) To get two basic “Phaser Type 2” items, we’ll need to select one of them.

From here, we can see that “Right of Conquest’ (Episode 1) can drop the basic Phaser Type 2 equipment we need to combine them into a 1-star Phaser Type 2. Since we need at least two of them, let’s select the “Play” button.

We previously earned three stars on the “Right of Conquest” Away Mission by collecting all the rare rewards in that conflict (indicated by the three stars below the Away Mission icon on the left). Now we have a choice whether to use the “Travel” button to play through the content again with our preferred crew. or automatically complete 1 run-through or 10 run-throughs using Warp 1 or Warp 10.

The Galaxy Map

Using the Galaxy Map you can replay Away Missions and Starship Battles found in an Episode or Distress Call.

Select any previously played Episode or Distress Call to earn all three stars or play on harder modes.

In fact, the Galaxy Map can be used to navigate back to specific Away Missions and Starship Battles at Normal, Elite, and Epic difficulties, which you can replay until you’ve collected all the rare rewards available. Once you’ve earned 3 stars on each difficulty, you can use the Warp 1 and Warp 10 shortcuts to quickly build a powerful crew.

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