Gameplay and Story

Article by Tim Crosby and Jonathon Myers

King Robert Baratheon has given you lands and a title in Westeros. Whether you are a bannerman to the Starks or the Lannisters, and even if you secretly support the Targaryens, you know that you cannot refuse direct requests from the Crown. When the Hand of the King Lord Jon Arryn asks you to perform a simple task, you know that you must.

He’s looking for a boy named Derryk. He's a prostitute’s son, so you visit a brothel in King’s Landing but the boy and his mother are nowhere to be found. You do learn that he has black hair, and that he is somewhere near your holdings.

King's crown

Little did you know that such a simple request would place you at the heart of treachery. How could you expect to be caught up so quickly in a struggle for power among the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms?

If you are familiar with Westeros, you know that treachery and danger lurk in the land. Game of Thrones Ascent will take you there. The storyline is spun alongside the events of A Song of Ice and Fire as written by George R.R. Martin and depicted by HBO. Disruptor Beam has partnered with both to craft a twisting storyline that progresses with each decision you make. In Game of Thrones Ascent, you'll play as a newly minted noble who rises to power during the events that lead to the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings.

There are several ways to gain the power necessary to face oncoming threats. To start, you may construct a smithy, market, or embassy to increase the likelihood of success while on quests. These same buildings also produce new gear for equipping your own character or your company of Sworn Swords. As the lord or lady of your holdings, sending these Sworn Swords to help or hinder other nobles will gain you rewards for your successes. With the silver you receive, purchase newer equipment in the shop or collect the raw materials necessary to craft it yourself.  As you participate in more adventures, exploring the many regions of Westeros, you'll gain both silver and crafting resources to continually fuel your rise to power.

Sometimes a job requires a hired yet trustworthy hand. One of your Sworn Swords can approach the problem with a blade, a whispered word, or promise of favors.  The instructions you give to your Sworn Sword may have consequences later. They leave your holding for a time, returning to inform you of the outcome of the endeavor. Do they return healthy bearing news of success, return wounded with the tale of a vicious encounter, or do they die following your orders? The better trained your Sworn Sword and the better their equipment, the higher their chance of success and the greater your opportunity for large rewards.

There are also larger scale challenges in which battles are fought. One could enter tense trade negotiations, commit truly daring subterfuge, or host a raucous feast. You must complete these challenges in a set time, but you may always tackle an obstacle with battle, intrigue or trade options as conflicts emerge. These challenges will grow more difficult, and you may find it worthwhile to invite your friends to help out. You may want to help your friends in return -- or backstab them when they least expect it.

MapSome events are so large in scale that they affect all the nobles of the Seven Kingdoms. These world-spanning conflicts will require everyone in the realm to contribute Sworn Swords and equipment in order to gain collective benefits or avert an epic disaster before time runs out. After all, if Wildlings amass north of the Wall, all nobles should band together to send aid to the Night’s Watch. And the one who contributes the most may earn a special reward....

As a Westerosi noble, your word is law, so you will have many decisions to make. In these tense moments, you can gain more information before settling on an appropriate course of action -- but you proceed with the knowledge that what you decide now could determine how others will treat you in the future.


A council of trusted advisors will be on hand to offer you their opinions on the issues you face. The spymaster Rona Grey knows that little in this world is secure, which is why you should place your flesh and blood above all else. On the other hand, Captain of the Guard Ser Hugo Flint advocates for placing the realm above all, for families may rise and fall but the Seven Kingdoms must endure. The cunning bailiff Simon Groat will always suggest that the path to success are smiles and withheld knowledge, while the candid merchant Alvyn of Oldtown believes that honesty breeds stronger and safer ties. Septa Eleanor speaks of her dedication to chivalry and the Faith, while Gammer Wilde adheres instead to the old traditions of the First Men. Whenever you ask, they will provide their opinions -- but only you can choose a path. The ultimate decision always rests with you.

As you vie for power in Westeros, the kingdom begins to come apart. Animosity and bloodshed arise between Starks and Lannisters, rumors swirl of Targaryens gaining allies across the Narrow Sea, and new kings step forward to lay claim to the Iron Throne. There is struggle in this game of thrones, but also opportunity. The choices you make are yours alone. But so are the consequences.