Game of Thrones Ascent Summer 2015 Roadmap

Hello Bannermen! Summer 2015 is here, and we hope you’re ready for some awesome changes to Game of Thrones Ascent!


Disruptor Beam in Summer 2015

The Disruptor Beam team is hard at work on several major initiatives. For GoTA, we’re focusing on our AvA revamp, several quality of life changes, and building out new Tales of Ice and Fire. But that’s not all the DB team is working on! Read on for our goals this summer.


AvA Revamp

At the core of summer 2015 is the AvA revamp. You can read more about it in our other blog post, but the AvA revamp is tackling four major area of AvA improvements:

  • Improving the UI, with a focus on giving you the information that matters.
  • Improving AvA performance, and fixing the root cause of a lot of AvA performance issues.
  • Changing AvA actions and camps so they have a meaningful impact at all stages of AvA.
  • Changing AvA rewards so they reward both participation and ranking.

We’ve started design in all four of those areas, but the first two we are focusing on are the performance problems and the AvA UI. Until we address the performance issues in AvA, AvA will be paused until further notice.


Quality of Life Improvements

We have several quality of life improvements coming to GoTA this summer. Two of our planned improvements are filtering / sorting, and the often-asked-for “Seal Peel.”

First to come will be filtering. The first iteration of filtering is the same as what’s in Tales: it will allow you to sort and filter on your primary stats and specializations. As we continue to improve filtering, we plan on adding filtering and sorting by rarity, level, and other parameters. Filtering is planned for the Keep, Shop, Sell, and Storage screens in the next few weeks.

Later this year, we plan on introducing the much-requested “Seal Peel” feature. This will allow you to remove seals from your items for a small cost. We haven’t decided yet on whether it will be for silver, gold, or a mix of the two, and we haven’t designed the details of the feature yet, but as we get closer to release we'll provide more information on the forums.

We’re also looking at adding some other changes to the game, like new building upgrades that allow you to produce more than one item in all your buildings, finally fixing the Godswood and Arbor stats, and ways for your existing items to give bonuses in Tales.


New Events for the Summer

With summer comes a new focus on events within Game of Thrones Ascent. We have been hammering out a list of fun things for our players to do every week, from bonus XP weeks to community contests, from crafting bonus weeks to new and awesome peerless items to craft. Our community team will be creating a schedule of these events on the forums.

The first event will be next week, where we’re having a 300% Adventure XP week, along with a 300% Character XP bonus for PtP attacks! Use next week to level up your Sworn Swords, and gain a few more levels. Then, get ready for the start of our next Tale, Tyrion in Exile, starting next week! We'll provide more details on when the Tale begins, what changes we have made, and the rewards as we get closer to the start date. 


Thanks for Staying With Us

We’re humbled by how many of you persevere through performance issues, and stay fans of Game of Thrones Ascent. Thank you for your patience while we hammered out our roadmap for the summer; we’re looking forward to bringing these improvements to you.


Stay tuned for more news about all of these things and more!