Game of Thrones Ascent - October Product Letter

Read on for the latest Product letter from Game of Thrones Ascent!


The State of the Game

Disruptor Beam is committed to being authentic and transparent in all our communications. We hold back only the confidential and sensitive information - our financials, our licensing agreements, certain player information - but we believe it’s important to share the state of the game with our players.

The last three months have seen tremendous growth following the launch of Game of Thrones Ascent on iOS and Android. Mobile players make up about 50% of our active players, with the majority of mobile players using iPhone and iPad devices to play GoTA. We also still have a huge number of players who log in through our website, Kongregate and Facebook. During iOS and Android launch week, our Daily Active Users (DAU) jumped by 600%. That caused a week of server instability as we scrambled to add capacity and streamline inefficient code. Today, the game is much faster and more responsive, and we continue to work on performance, especially on the Android app.

The company financials remain very healthy and the Game of Thrones Ascent team will continue making content for Season Five and beyond. The Star Trek Timelines development team continues to work in in parallel with the Game of Thrones Ascent team. The GoTA team is committed to continuing to deliver new content and changes for a very long time!


The Long Night

Earlier this year, we started design work on GoTA’s first expansion: The Long Night. Two systems will form the core of The Long Night: the Quartermaster, and Alliance / Member Tactics. We felt the name fit nicely with the start of winter here in the northern hemisphere. Our goals with The Long Night are to:

  • Differentiate Alliances, giving them ways to focus on different parts of the game.
  • Add new ways to customize your character.
  • Improve the Alliance UI.
  • Finally bring you beyond the wall through the story (and build some kick-ass art along the way).

We have high hopes that The Long Night will introduce some cool new mechanics that we’ll continue to expand on over time. Like we’ve done for other major systems - seals slots, AvA, World Events - we’ll listen to your feedback and continue improving the Tactics system as the months go on.

We’re also introducing some interesting new stats with The Long Night, ranging from increasing your Character or Sworn Sword XP gain to queueing up more than one item for production in buildings. Expect some very interesting and different items in the future!

The Long Night begins on Wednesday, October 22nd. Until then, enjoy these new wallpapers and get ready for The Long Night!

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Bugs Gather, And Now My Squash Begins

Kristen (our GoTA Producer), Jon (our CEO), and I sat down before our London trip to discuss what’s coming after The Long Night. We knew we wanted to change our brand from “Well Meaning but Inconsistent” to “Dedicated to Quality.” We cannot do that without polishing and fixing the existing game. That’s why much of the next few months - October, November, and December - will be revisiting features and bugs. We spent a month doing so before development for The Long Night began, and look forward to returning to fixes and polish after The Long Night launches.

That’s not to say there won’t be smaller features and improvements for the game! We’re looking at the ability to retrain your Sworn Sword, the ability to reset seals, and the ability to Roll All on your Adventure Party as possible improvements for the next few months. Please note that I said possible - they’re high on the list, but we can’t guarantee we’ll get to them within the next few months. We also plan to work on evolving your dragons to new and awesome heights.


Our Commitment to Community

We already have small groups in place like our Gold Cloaks (Moderators) and Small Council (Playtesters) who have a direct line to us for sharing feedback, bugs and suggestions. Some of us are also in GoTA Facebook groups and, of course, the forums. Starting today we’re going to do more, and try something new and different: you can email myself or Katie any time you want. We will not respond to the majority of them - there’s a lot of work we need to get done each day - but you’ll always have a direct line to both Katie and me.

Our emails are: (Product Manager, Game of Thrones Ascent) (Community Director, Game of Thrones Ascent)

NOTE: We will not help with support issues, bug reports, exploits or known issues through these emails - you still need to go to to report bugs and ask for assistance. The support team has the time and tools to resolve those issues for you, and we don’t want you to wait days only for us to ask you to submit a support ticket on an issue.


Thanks for reading!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter to you, and I appreciate you being our player even more. Our players let us keep working on Game of Thrones - a dream come true for the team, and for myself. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for staying with us and our game.


Alex "Nod" Engel

Product Manager


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