Game of Thrones Ascent at PAX East

The Disruptor Beam team attended PAX as part of the Indie Mega Booth this year by sharing the game on 3 machines, allowing fans and press to play Game of Thrones Ascent side by side. What was truly outstanding was the participation by the team - affectionately called "Beamies" by the early game testers - and their pride in the game that has been a labor of love for so many months. Seventeen of Disruptor Beam's employees (a team not much larger than 20) were at the event to demonstrate the game, guide the players, answer questions, give interviews and show off their flagship offering... and share a free in-game gift!

PAX East 2013 GoTA Banner

Now that PAX East 2013 is in the can, the attendees have carted away their tons of swag, the exhibitors have rested their feet and the speakers have regained their voices, it remains to read about the excellent available and up-and-coming products offered by the game industry. Game of Thrones Ascent can stand proud among those, given so much support and encouragement from everyone who stopped by the booth!

Huge thanks to PAX Volunteers, the Mega Booth workers and organizers, and the fans, both new and old, who made the experience this year a memorable and exciting one.

Jon Radoff demos Game of Thrones Ascent at the booth



Click here to watch the Special Message to PAX East-goers from the great GRRM himself!


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