Game Economy and Items

Article by Tim Crosby

Secrets, alliances, and prowess on the battlefield: you need these things to survive as a noble in Westeros. Gifts to other nobles can strengthen your bonds of friendship, and generous gestures can create alliances.

But you also need money.

Sworn Sword

With silver, you can hire more Sworn Swords who will do your bidding. They can perform quests, train to increase their power, and attack or aid your friends. With silver or gold, you can increase your powers with new gear -- an assortment of swords, poisons, armors, silk finery, and even four-legged companions.

Collect silver by taxing your smallfolk in the Counting House, as a reward from your liege lord for jobs well done, or from interactions -- both kind and unkind -- with other players.  Spending silver leads to more power, and the ability to gain even more silver in the future.


Along with money, you will collect resources like wood and iron, useful for constructing the buildings in your town that increase your power. Gain a random resource for completing a quest, or slowly produce a resource from hard labor that happens at your village center.

Smithy making something from iron

Each building can transform those raw resources into a variety of useful items, from equipment to support troops to single-use boons to aid your endeavors. Different buildings produce different items to craft, so a well-rounded city has many types of buildings. Many buildings let the engines of your crafting run nonstop.

GoldThe clink of silver stags and gold dragons is the sound of power. Collect all you can, and use that power for the most important goals: a solid place within Westeros … and the accumulation of more power.