Fire Made Flesh: The Mature Dragon

With the sixth season of Game of Thrones approaching, we are very excited to announce the next evolution of Dragons: The Mature Dragons. These fearsome creatures are ready to change the course of both Westeros and Essos. In the final episodes of season 5 you saw the fury of Drogon in his late adolescence and you can expect to see Daenerys’ dragons become even stronger in the season to come. And most exciting of all… Mature Dragons will be available with the very next build coming on Tuesday, February 23rd!

Fire is Power

The power of a Mature Dragon is a sight to behold. These new companions achieve new heights and will be a strong contribution to your team. The Uncolored, Red, Green, and Tan Mature Dragons follow a similar stat pattern to as previous evolutions, though with even larger increases than from Young to Adolescent. Take a look below!

Mature Dragon Stats

Raising a Mature Dragon

Fitting the Mature Dragon’s position as the most powerful item in Game of Thrones Ascent, the evolution recipe will also be the most rigorous one yet. We expect Mature Dragons to be a few times more challenging than Adolescent Dragons. It’s not easy to tame a beast like Drogon!

There will be 7 new recipes involved in Mature Dragon crafting, including the 4 variations on Mature Dragons and 3 new items along the way.

Mature Dragon (Uncolored, Red, Green, Tan)

  • Dragon Pit: 1x Adolescent Dragon, 1x Ancient Horn, 1x Dothraki Rider
  • These are luck-based recipes with the same luck values as Young Dragon and Adolescent Dragon. One thing to note is that there will not be colorizing recipes for the Mature Dragons. At this point, a Dragon is set in its ways. So if you want to colorize, be sure to do so at an earlier stage.

Dothraki Rider

  • Tourney Arena: 1x Elite Cavalry, 6x Offering, 4x Pyre
  • This is a standard non-luck recipe creating the new Dothraki Rider who has solid universal stats. They have slightly higher power than the Cavalry Commander but lack the Commander’s speed boost.

Ancient Horn

  • Alchemist’s Guild: 1x Dragon Horn, 1x Undying One, 1x Harnessed Dragonfire
  • This is a luck-based recipe with a higher base chance than Dracarys, but a lower bonus-per-luck. Given the challenge of creating an Ancient Horn, it will have appropriately powerful stats at 24/24/24, 4% to all attacks and defense, as well as 4% additional silver from quests, adventures, and PtP.

Undying One

  • Alchemist’s Guild: 1x Warlock, 3x Valyrian Steel Ingot, 3x Exalted Elixir
  • This is a standard non-luck recipe, creating an improved version of the Warlock. These ancient Warlocks have strong sabotage skills as well as a boost to spy due to their mystical prescience.

Sources of Power

As a final note, we are looking at ways to include significantly more Dragon Crafting materials throughout both Tales and AvA rewards. Participation in these competitive systems should be a good path towards obtaining your evolved Dragons.

“Once man has seen a dragon in flight, let him stay at home and tend his garden in content, for this wide world has seen no greater wonder.” -- Tyrion Lannister

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