Fencing Sulu in Timelines

Hikaru Sulu is a man of adventure: He aids his crewmates on the USS Enterprise as a pilot, a botanist ... and a fencer.

As Spock said in The Naked Time, Sulu is, "-at heart a swashbuckler out of your 18th century." A master of the sword, he is deadly and dexterous in close-quarters combat. This revealed itself in a dramatic fashion when under the influence of the Psi 2000 virus, when his inhibitions were lowered and he challenged his shipmates to duels. Sulu was a dangerous obstacle while the virus spread through the Enterprise, but his fencing skills allow him to be an equally valuable addition to your crew in Star Trek Timelines.

Just like Lt. Sulu, the skills wielded by Fencing Sulu are Security and Command. However, as a man of action and adventure, Fencing Sulu begins with both higher skills and gains a higher increase each level gained.

His traits, also like Lt. Sulu, are Human, Federation, Starfleet, pilot, and resourceful. So again, it’s always good to have Sulu in your crew when dealing with exceptionally fierce security threats, especially shirtless fencing Sulu. Just look at that handsome grin!

Check back next Tuesday, when we’ll reveal another crew for the game for The Original Series' 49th Anniversary!


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