House Targaryen

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King's Landing

The Targaryens are apart from Westeros. Above it.

With violet eyes and silver hair, the kings and queens of old rode in on dragons and set aflame all who opposed them. They wed brother to sister to keep the bloodline pure. Even when the dragons began to falter and magic seeped from the world, no one could doubt the past glory of the Targaryen family.

They settled on the shore, and gave the mighty city of King’s Landing its name. Some claim that the nobles in the Crownlands still sew Targaryen banners and secretly maintain fealty to the rightful rulers. There is some truth to that.


Targaryen vassals have near-infinite patience. They can endure the yoke of the usurper and and kneel to false monarchs while working from the shadows to gather allies and send support to the rightful heirs. They know that Westeros was only truly united under the reign of the dragons, and that those who can survive the Doom of Valyria can survive anything. They will stay near the Iron Throne and raise their true banners when the time is right. Should you find your way beneath the Red Keep, you can discover the hidden passages that lead to the bones and teeth of ancient beasts that wait patiently for their true rulers.

You know that there will be conflict and pain before Westeros is set right and united once again. That is the price that must be paid. You look forward to the day that the Targaryens return to Westeros on the wings of dragons: the day of Fire and Blood.

Will you support House Targaryan and the return of the Mother of Dragons? Or do you serve another Great House of Westeros?