Epic Evolved Armor and Weapons - Live Today!

Greetings, Bannermen!

When we last blogged about the Epic Items you’re able to evolve in the game, we focused on the Weapons in detail but left Armor a bit vague:

The original post is here!

Today’s post is about the Four Armor items you’ll now be able to evolve in game beginning today with our latest build, which went live this morning!

Four Epic Armor Evolutions

The Four Armor Items are Jon Snow's Armor, Lord Commander, The Silent Kingsguard's Armor, Lord Protector Baelish's Coat and Violet Robes of the Spider. Details about the way to evolve each follows:

Jon Snow's Armor, Lord Commander

Building: Treasury

Recipe: The Old Bear's Armor + 6 Exalted Elixir + 3 Deadly Poison




The Silent Kingsguard's Armor

Building: Holdfast

Receipe: Kingsguard Breastplate + 6 Valyrian Steel Ingot + 3 Master Crafted Cuirass




Lord Protector Baelish's Coat

Building: Treasury

Recipe: Littlefinger's Mockingbird Pin + 6 Exalted Elixir + 3 Extravagant Necklace




Violet Robes of the Spider

Building: Workshop

Recipe: Varys's Court Robes + 6 Exalted Elixir + 3 Binding Contract

UPDATE: We've decided to change one of the stats on the Violet Robes. As of the next build on October 5th, the stat "8% chance to be reomved from AvA garrison when receiving 3rd or 4th wound" will be replaced with "+7% chance of preventing a wound in AvA against a non-friendly Alliance".


Violet Robes 


Enjoy and happy crafting!