Ensign Tuvok in Timelines

It can be easy to forget the extended nature of Vulcan lifespans. Here’s a good reminder: Decades before he joined the USS Voyager, Ensign Tuvok served aboard the USS Excelsior under Captain Hikaru Sulu.  It was during this tour that Capt. Sulu ignored Starfleet orders and set off on a rescue mission to save James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy from the Klingon penal colony, Rura Penthe – a decision with which Ensign Tuvok strongly disagreed.

Even in his earliest Starfleet years, Ensign Tuvok was much like his older and wiser counterpart when it came to employing an unrelenting logic -- although the passion of his adolescence made him far less tolerable to “human ego” and humanity’s desire to relate with others.

As a younger and less experienced Vulcan, Ensign Tuvok has two skills: Science and Diplomacy. Although less versatile, his passion makes him a very effective crew member, and traits in Vulcan, Federation, Starfleet, and Telepathic will give him unique challenge bonuses when facing particular Away Missions involving his people and fellow Starfleet crew.