Dragon Week 2015

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about that one thing in GoTA that everyone loves: DRAGONS!

What happens when you have a week of sped-up dragon crafting, limited-time offers of dragon eggs and crafting materials, and the desire to be your own mother or father of dragons? You get a hatching frenzy the likes of which have never been seen!

During dragon week, thousands of dragon eggs were acquired by GoTA players. Many players made their first purchase ever, buying a dragon egg and starting their journey to hatching. Still more people took this week as an opportunity to hatch their dragons as quickly as they could. Almost immediately, people started posting the good news on Facebook. GoTA Dragons, the Facebook group devoted to hatching dragons, started blowing up my newsfeed with their announcements. “So you have weeks off nothing and running out off patience and Dracarys is hard too craft and your luck seems to reach the bottom but then this happens…” one player posted. “On the same day my baby Tan Dragon became a Youngster and just in time to make space for a New Baby Dragon!”

Usually we’ll see four or five baby dragons hatched a day. On the first day of Dragon Week, we saw 67. On Sunday, we saw an incredible 226 baby dragons hatched, which made my jaw drop. And it won’t stop anytime soon: Sunday saw 754 dragon eggs quickened in the Alchemist’s Guild.

Our players spent last week evolving their dragons, too. Dozens of colored baby dragon were evolved, and still more young dragons grew up from their baby forms. Young Dragons are still uncommon, but a lot of people are moving forward with their own flight of dragons!

It’s amazing to see when you compare it to the last six months:


Just look at that curve


So who are the ultimate dragon hatchers in the realm? As of this post, Rona Sand, a prominent member of the GoTA Dragons group. has evolved a record seven young dragons - two of each type, plus a young dragon! For baby dragons, it’s quite a jumble, with many players having four or five babies, but many of those babies are on their way to growing into young dragons. And for eggs, forget about it - some people have dozens!

EDIT: After the blog went live, we were told that our data is already out of date - Rona has 9 dragons, and Dyhan Mahyhaer just passed her with 10! Congrats to both of them.

We’re happy to see all of our mothers and fathers of dragons. In fact, we’re so happy that we decided to make the speed-up of dragon recipes permanent! That’s right, the recipes will stay at their sped-up lengths. You’ll be able to hatch more dragons than ever before.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!