Dracarys - The New Dragons Are Coming!

Dragons. They’re a key part of Game of Thrones, and when we started building Game of Thrones Ascent, we knew we had to provide a way for our players to hatch their own dragons. On February 6th, 2014 Nesting Wock hatched our first Baby Dragon, welcoming it to the world. Since then, just over 200 other dragons have been hatched in Westeros, at a rate of 2-3 per day.

The greatest boost to hatching dragons was when we introduced Peerless Black Gems and the Luck system to item production. These gems, and the luck they provide, greatly sped up dragon hatching. As this chart shows, dragons are now hatching faster than ever:

NOTE: September shows hatchings to date


By the end of September, we expect there to be three dragons hatching per day.

Eight incredible players have gone through the effort to hatch not one, but two Baby Dragons. These eight players spent hours farming materials, and are only one dragon away from matching Daenerys (though we doubt she had to farm Crystal Swords, Sparkling Jewels, or Dragon Horns).


What is in store for your dragons?

It’s time for the next evolution of your dragons. As most of our fans will know, Daenerys didn’t hatch just one dragon; she hatched three dragons, with very different personalities. That’s why we’re introducing three new breeds of colored Baby Dragons.

Each colored dragon has different stats. The specific stats will be revealed later, as will the crafting paths to acquire these new dragons. Looking at the stats (which are still in flux), we think our players will be quite pleased with their new dragons. You may pick which of the three dragons you wish your dragon to evolve into. Or, you may keep your Baby Dragon as a normal, uncolored dragon.

Seals will remain on your dragon if you evolve it into one of the three colored dragons.


The Red Dragon, inspired by Drogon

The Red Dragon is inspired by Drogon, Dany’s wildest and fiercest whelp. The red dragon specializes in Battle actions, giving our players a dangerous but powerful ally. Drogon is a black and red dragon, but our first dragon will be primarily red. The red Baby Dragon is a different color than your Baby Dragon, and will have different stats:


The Green Dragon, inspired by Rhaegal

The Green Dragon is inspired by Rhaegal, Dany’s gorgeous green dragon. Boasting stats that will make our Trade players drool, the green Baby Dragon is quite different than its red and tan siblings:


The Cream Dragon, inspired by Viserion

The Cream Dragon is inspired by Viserion, Dany’s loyal cream dragon. Specialized towards Intrigue (where better to spy than the air?), the cream Baby Dragon is a valuable member of any Spymaster’s holdings:


Where can I find these new dragons?

Each colored Baby Dragon may be evolved from your Baby Dragon in the Reliquary. Using some new and existing items, you’ll be able to turn your Baby Dragon into any of the three above. This crafting recipe isn’t easy, but it is much less difficult than hatching your dragon the first time. And yes, you may have more than one dragon: our players will be able to have as many different colored dragons as they wish.

As dragons age, their coats and scales become more beautiful. These Baby Dragons, while cute, are only the beginning. As your dragons continue to age, you can expect them to become both awesome and terrifying.

Legend has it that there are other color dragons out there beyond those that Dany hatched. It is possible that they will be revealed in the future, as we travel further into Westeros and Essos ...


Look for these new dragons in a future Game of Thrones Ascent build!


And a final little tease …