So you’ve joined THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR. You’ve met Amira, you’ve started building your Base, you’ve even recruited and trained some Survivors. You’re on your way to being King of the Hill. Then the friends you invited to the game start showing up, and want to play with you. How do you all get to play together?

The answer is to all play on the same District.

Each District is a unique iteration of the game’s Map. Survivors on any given District are not able to interact with Survivors on another. Over time each District will develop its own personality. Some will be more aggressive. Some more diplomatic. Some may be run cooperatively by a loose alliance of Communities. Still others may be entirely ungoverned.

Shard Selection.jpg

Until you achieve Level 9, you can change Districts for free. To do so, tap your portrait in the upper left corner of the screen. The first line on the screen will tell you which District you are in. Tell your friends to follow the same process, tap “Districts” from the menu, and to select your District. If you all want to move together to a different District, select one from the list of available Districts and you can all move together.

Stay alive out there.

The MARCH TO WAR Council