Disruptor Beam’s Favorite Q Moments

Today is John de Lancie’s birthday! (Happy Birthday John!) In honor of the date, we’ve gathered some of the Star Trek Timelines crew’s favorite Q moments.

The Next Generation, S1E1-2, “Encounter at Farpoint”

En route to Farpoint, Captain Picard and his crew first meet "Q". The mysterious and powerful being denounces the human race as barbarians and challenges the crew of the Enterprise to disprove his belief. If Picard and his crew are not persuasive in their arguments, they will be sentenced to death.


Favorite Moment

The Next Generation, S3E13 “Déjà Q”

While orbiting Bre'el IV to investigate a descending asteroidal moon which could cause landquakes and tidal waves on the planet, the crew is surprised by the unexpected arrival of Q. Although Picard immediately suspects that the mischievous Q is responsible for the moon's deteriorating orbit, Q admits that his superiors in the Continuum have stripped him of his magical powers and made him human, thus unable to indulge in such chicanery.


Favorite Moment

The Next Generation, S2E16 “Q Who?”

Picard's nemesis, the powerful, extra-dimensional being named Q, hurls the U.S.S. Enterprise across the galaxy after Picard refuses to let him become a member of the crew.


Favorite Moment

Q: [referring to Guinan] Picard, if you had half the sense you pretend to have, you would get her off your ship immediately. And if you'd like, I'd be more than pleased to expedite her departure.

Picard: [to Guinan] You know him?

Guinan: We have had some dealings.

Q: Those dealings were two centuries ago. This creature is not what she appears to be. She's an Imp, and where she goes, trouble always follows.

Picard: You're speaking of yourself, Q, not Guinan.

Deep Space Nine, S1E7, “Q-Less”

Returning from a mission on the other side of the wormhole, Lieutenant Dax and an ensign are trapped in their Runabout. While O'Brien works to free them, Dr. Bashir sees there are actually three people inside the scout ship. When they get the hatch open, O'Brien recognizes the third occupant as Vash, a woman he met while serving on the Enterprise. He and Sisko wonder how she got to that distant part of the galaxy two years ago. Their answer, unknown to them, stands nearby — the mysterious Q.


Favorite Moment

Sisko’s right hook is stronger than Q expected.

The Next Generation, S6E15, “Tapestry”

Gravely injured in a Lenarian attack, Picard slips into a white, seamless limbo while Beverly struggles to save his life. There, he encounters Q, who informs Picard that he is dead and this is the afterlife — and that Q himself is God! Picard refuses to believe that he is dead, let alone that Q is the supreme being. But Q is determined to prove otherwise.

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Favorite Moment

Q: "Flowers! Is there a John Luck Pickerd here?"

Q: "You will go on with your life with a real heart."

Picard: "Then I won't die."

Q, absolutely scathingly: "Of course you'll die! It'll just be at a later time."

Star Trek: Voyager, S3E11, The “Q and the Grey”

After the Voyager crew is treated to the rare sight of a supernova, Q shows up in Janeway's quarters with a proposition: he'd like the Captain to bear his baby. Janeway flatly refuses, but Q is persistent. He reappears several more times, and although Janeway admits she'd like to have a child someday, she's not going to mate with Q — much to the relief of a jealous female Q who shows up on the ship.


Favorite Q Moment

Female Q: "What are you doing with that dog?

(Q and Janeway look at the puppy the Captain's holding.)

Female Q: I'm not talking about the puppy."

Ode to Q

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One of the team’s favorite memories of John was at Destination Star Trek 3 in 2014. Some of us were at dinner after a long day in the booth and saw John with Robert Picardo at another table. Our VP sent over a bottle of wine to them, and rather than just smile or wave in thanks, both men got up, came over to thank us personally and introduce themselves. We had a great chat and were delighted by how gracious and fun they were! Thanks, John, for being a truly memorable character, both on-screen and off!

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