Community-focused game company Disruptor Beam raises $3.2 million in Series A round

Disruptor Beam, the company that brings together worldwide fan communities with authentic games based on iconic worlds, has today announced it has secured a $3.2 million Series A funding round. The new funds will go towards the continued development of the company’s next game, Star Trek Timelines, as well as towards its community- centric gaming platform. In addition, new funds will help the company in its efforts to secure additional IPs for future game products, as well as to expand its team across all disciplines. For more information on Disruptor Beam, visit

This latest round consists primarily of new equity investors as well as conversion of existing debt. New investors in this round included Midverse Studios, GrandBanks Capital and a number of technology-oriented angel investors. Also participating were prior investors including CommonAngels, Romulus Capital, and angel investors including Harmonix founders Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy.

Silicon Valley Bank also made available a line of credit in connection with the equity financing.

“These latest investments will help us to further deliver on our vision of creating the most community-centric game company in the world,” said Jon Radoff, CEO and Founder of Disruptor Beam. “We build games based on entertainment brands that have the most engaged fan communities. And, we see these communities as just as important as the games themselves. For these reasons, we’re in the process of developing a community platform that will allow cross-game social capabilities and one that will enable players to connect with one another in new, innovative ways.”

Disruptor Beam is an award-winning game company best known for its hit social and mobile game, Game of Thrones Ascent, which is based on the popular HBO series and has amassed more than 7 million players. The company is currently working on its second major title, Star Trek Timelines, with additional licensed products surrounding some of the most beloved genres in popular culture in the queue for future development.

More About Disruptor Beam

Boston-based Disruptor Beam strives to build the most community-centric game company in the world. It creates highly authentic, socially driven games based around worlds that have spawned communities of millions of passionate, dedicated fans. Disruptor Beam enriches these global communities with games that are as engaging as the shows, movies or books upon which they are based.

Disruptor Beam released Game of Thrones Ascent across Facebook, Kongregate and devices based on iOS and Android and has acquired more than 7 million players. The team is currently in development on Star Trek Timelines, a social and mobile game based around the Star Trek multiverse. Disruptor Beam was founded and is led by game industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Jon Radoff, as well as backed by a group of technology and gaming entrepreneurs. For more information, visit

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