Diary of a Red Shirt

In 2014 our continuing mission was to meet as many Star Trek fans as possible! So, our Away Team attended three amazing Star Trek conventions: Boston Star Trek, Star Trek Las Vegas, and Destination Star Trek in London. The result? Well, we accomplished what we set out to do - meet you, the fans! But, there was a bonus. A big bonus. We were able to collect the signatures of over 26 characters on one of our infamous Star Trek Timelines red shirts. This is that shirt’s story...


Once we got to Vegas I realized I was one of the lucky few on our team who would get to experience the event. Back home in Boston at the Disruptor Beam office were 30+ designers, developers, artists, managers and support staff who were holding down the ship while we experienced this wonderful gathering. So, I wanted to share a little piece of our adventure with them! The idea to gather as many signatures from Star Trek talent on a Red Shirt (one of our Star Trek Timelines staff shirts) was born.

My mission began by approaching a few supporting role actors including Daniel Davis who played Moriarty in TNG! I realized too late I had missed Brent, Gates and Marina, but I was determined to get everyone who was still at the convention to sign. And sign they did!

By day 2, whenever I had a break, I’d just track down some other actor or their handler and ask for signatures and the list continued to grow! I got Connor Trinneer (“Trip”), Dominic Keating (“Malcolm Reed”), and Anthony Montgomery (“Mayweather” from Enterprise), as well as the lovely Kate Mulgrew herself( our beloved “Janeway”), to autograph!

When our CEO Jon Radoff realized what I was doing, he encouraged me to get William Shatner’s autograph and that would be the only way to make the shirt truly worthy. So that’s what we did!

Of course, we used the opportunity to get our photo with Kirk himself…

L - R: Tim, Katie, Renée, William Shatner, Jim, Hank, Jon, Rich at STLV 2014.


A couple months later, in October, we flew to London for Destination Star Trek 3 and of course the shirt came along. This was the chance to get some of those awesome stars we missed in Vegas, but how easy would it be? The slower, more comfortable pace of London and the very respectful fans at the show allowed us the tremendous opportunity to approach all the actors in attendance. Not only did the talent agree to sign, but they began to ask about the shirt, why I was doing it and about our team. I had some cool conversations with so many people that I have admired for years! It was a truly unforgettable experience and I was very proud to represent the Disruptor Beam team in London.




Eventually, the shirt made it home safely and is framed and hanging proudly in our office where our team works each day with pride on creating Star Trek Timelines. I may live and work from my home in Canada, but I travel to the office to visit the team (and the shirt) from time to time. My heart fills with pride each time I see it because it fondly reminds me of all the great feelings the Star Trek community at large, and the Star Trek Timelines community, gives me.

The shirt's proud and final destination in the Disruptor Beam office in Framingham, MA.

Hope to see more of you in 2015!

~ Katie Postma

Community Director