Detailed Thunder Phase Changes for AvA

Hello everyone!


Let’s get down to business: we have a number of changes coming in the Thunder Phase of AvA, and we’ll need all of the blog space to go over them.




  • Alliance camps have had their garrisons increased by over a factor of ten. Level 1 camps hold 750 Sworn Swords, while level 20 camps hold 6,000 Sworn Swords.
  • Players may garrison more than one Sworn Sword in each camp. Level 1 camps hold 5 of your Sworn Swords, while level 20 camps hold 50 of your Sworn Swords. This is a logarithmic, not linear, scale.
  • Only garrisoned Sworn Swords may be used in AvA attacks.
  • Alliance Leaders may view Sworn Swords from each camp’s garrison, organized by member.
  • Camps may only be attacked by Sworn Swords garrisoned in a camp in that region.
  • Camp requirements now dynamically scale depending on your number of Alliance participants. Initial camp requirements are determined by your average participants over the past three phases. Alliances with no history or are newly formed start at the lowest tier.
  • Camp defenders now have a broader pool to pick from, and are picked randomly from specialized Sworn Swords before being pulled randomly.
  • Kicking players out of an Alliance now correctly triggers the Alliance join cooldown.




Core Change: Sworn Swords Attack from Camps


This is the core change for the Thunder Phase, and most other features support this change. Sworn Swords may only attack camps that are in the same region as where they are garrisoned. This change was designed around the consistent feedback about small numbers of players with high Command Point totals attacking Alliances across regions without any risk. If Alliances now want to attack Alliances, they must do so from a home base within that region - and with the resource investment that comes from building a camp.


To support this change, camps may now have more than one Sworn Sword garrisoned from each player. The actual number of Sworn Swords garrisoned per player per camp varies from a level 1 camp (5 SS) to a level 10 camp (18 SS) to a level 20 camp (50 SS). The highest number of Sworn Swords someone may attack with in a region is 150 (50 SS in 3 level 20 camps).


To allow for more garrisoned Sworn Swords, camp garrisons have been increased significantly. The actual garrison size also varies from level to level, from a level 1 camp (750 SS) to a level 20 camp (6,000 SS). The data behind these limits are the total CP and war participants by Alliance for the last several phases.


For example, here is some of the data we looked at from the Eel Shock Phase:


  • Maximum Alliance CP for Eel Shock Phase: 10800
  • Average CP by Alliance: 500.
  • AvA Players with 50 or more CP: 20%
  • AvA Players with 100 or more CP: 1.5%
  • Maximum Alliance Participants for Eel Shock Phase: 416
  • Average Alliance Participants for Eel Shock Phase: 27
  • Median Alliance Participants for Eel Shock Phase: 9
  • # of Alliances over 6,000 total CP (active and inactive members): 6


When looking at the total number of high-CP AvA players and how this would affect them, we determined that about 20% of our AvA players have 50 CP or more, with about 1.5% having 100 or more CP. On average, players were in Alliances that had an average camp size of 4.5, and an average of 3 camps per Alliance. When looking at Alliances with 20 or more participants, that number increases to 5.5 camps. With level 4 camps allowing 8 Sworn Swords per player in the garrison and level 5 camps allowing 9 Sworn Swords in the garrison, by the end of the phase the majority of player’s CP may be used to garrison Sworn Swords in camps.


It is intended that a large portion of Sworn Swords may be garrisoned in a single camp, but it will be difficult to garrison all available Sworn Swords in a single camp until it is upgraded to level 20. Even then, our highest-CP players may need multiple camps to garrison up to their Command Point limit. This is intended, and helps mitigate the effects of high-CP players.


To allow Alliance leaders to know the state of their camp’s garrisons, the leader may look at who has garrisoned Sworn Swords in each camp, as well as the stats of each Sworn Sword.


Core Change: Camp Upgrade Requirements Scale with Participants


One of our consistent pieces of feedback has been to scale camp construction cost to the size of the Alliance. We heard your feedback, and have introduced a scaling system to camps that scale camp requirements based on your Alliance’s war participants. This is a dynamically scaling system, meaning as new people engage in AvA and your participant count goes up, the resources needed for your camps go up as well.


Before each phase begins, the game determines how many participants you had in the previous three phases, then averages those participants out and places your Alliance in the appropriate tier. As you gain participants in the phase, it recalculates your tier.


The tiers for the Thunder phase are:


  • 1 - 25 participants.
  • 26 - 50 participants.
  • 51 - 100 participants.
  • 101 - 200 participants.
  • 201 - 500 participants.


Some examples of how this scales over time:


A level 1 camp remains relatively close to normal for players. Since these are basic resources, they’re pretty easy to acquire and we see most Alliances easily reach up to camp level 5.


A level 6 camp is where the differences start to be more apparent. A level 6 Battle camp used to require:


  • 150,000 Silver
  • 100 Militia
  • 17 Wooden Shields
  • 17 Halfhelms
  • 25 Spoils


With scaling, this now changes to:


  • Tier 1: 105,000, 60, 10, 10, 15
  • Tier 2: 131,250, 75, 12, 12, 18
  • Tier 3: 157,500, 90, 15, 15, 22
  • Tier 4: 189,000, 105, 17, 17, 26
  • Tier 5: 231,000, 120, 20, 20, 30


A level 20 camp continues the trend. A level 20 Battle camp used to require:


  • 10,000,000 Silver
  • 27 Siege Towers
  • 1,300 Iron
  • 1,300 Wood
  • 1,900 Spoils


With scaling, this now changes to:


  • Tier 1: 7,000,000, 18, 800, 800, 1000
  • Tier 2: 8,750,000, 22, 1000, 1000, 1250
  • Tier 3: 10,500,000, 27, 1200, 1200, 1500
  • Tier 4: 12,600,000, 31, 1400, 1400, 1750
  • Tier 5: 15,400,000, 36, 1600, 1600, 2000


Core Change: Defender Logic Overhauled


Defender logic for camps has been overhauled. In previous phases, the logic was too specialized, narrowing the pool of potential defenders. As a result, wounds piled up on defenders, and defenders died in droves. Increasing the risk of death was the algorithm choosing best Sworn Sword 80% of the time, and random defenders only 20% of the time.


As much as it warmed our cold hearts, this was not good for AvA. We have changed the algorithm to follow the following logic:


50% of the time, a random defender specialized in the specific type of attack will be chosen. This defender will not be the highest-value Sworn Sword, just the same specialization. For example, a Fight attack would look for Vanguard-specialized defenders.

50% of the time, a random defender from any of the three specializations for that attack type will be chosen. For example, a Fight attack would look for Vanguards, Skirmishers, or Protectors.

If no appropriate defenders can be found, a random defender is chosen from the garrison.


The expected results are that the better Sworn Swords will be picked to defend first, and then the rest of the garrison will be chosen.


Lastly, wound avoidance seals have been changed to remove Sworn swords from garrison, instead of hiding them in the garrison. That means when your Sworn Sword acquires a wound, it has a chance to be removed from the garrison. The chance an at what wound level is dependent on the seals you slotted in.


Secondary Change: Defenders and Attackers from the Same Pool


A secondary effect of this change is that your attackers are pulled from your defense pool. When you want to be aggressive, you’re leaving your camp open to attacks. Vice versa, when you want to turtle and be defensive, you’ll want to keep your Sworn Swords at home. new logic has been put in place to prevent Sworn Swords from defending and attacking at the same time.


Secondary Change: AvA Attacks Consume No Command Points


Since garrisoning a Sworn Sword takes a Command Point, it does not make sense that attacking in AvA would consume one as well. Therefore, AvA attacks consume no Command Points.


Secondary Change: Kicking Members Incurs a Timeout


Kicking players out has been a common tactic to allow players to switch Alliances without suffering the 24-hour timeout intended for AvA participants. This has been fixed for the Thunder Phase.




This is a preview of the full Thunder Phase changes. We fully expect these changes to spark discussion. Please keep the feedback respectful and know that numbers are not final, and could be changed before the phase goes live.




This is, without a doubt, a major change to how AvA is played, both from a technical and a strategic standpoint. We fully expect to do more tweaking in the next phase as we watch how the Thunder Phase performs. However, we think these changes bring AvA more in line with tactical choices and strategic goals, instead of who has the most SS they can swing at camps.


With these changes, the next major changes for AvA will be in AvA Parties. We don’t have specifics to share with you, since it is still early in design and we have crafting changes in front of it. When we have more info on AvA Parties, we will share it with the community.


Lastly, remember that AvA is a work in progress. If numbers need tweaking, they’ll be tweaked. If systems need to be revamped, they’ll be revamped - just not necessarily right away, since those changes require quite a bit of work.


Questions? Comments? Feedback? Talk to us on the forums!