The Council System Revealed: A Q&A with Lead Designer Michael Leoncavallo

Welcome Walking Dead fans!

We are excited to reveal the next batch of Council Member art - Negan, Michonne, and Andrea - along with an overview of the Council System from our upcoming game, THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR!

We met up again with Michael Leoncavallo, the Senior Game Designer of THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR, for all the latest details about this important system….

What is the Council System?

The Council System is our way of getting characters from the graphic novels into the hands of players. Players will be able to use their favorite Walking Dead characters to lead their already formidable force of Survivors.

How important is the Council System to game?

The Council System is so central to the game that players can’t even send their Survivors out into the world unless they are led by a Council Member. As previously discussed, players recruit Survivors to be the core of their power, but those survivors are very weak when you recruit them. They’re rookies that need the guidance and expertise of characters like Michonne and Andrea to help get the job done.

How do people recruit Council Members?

Unlike Survivors, players won’t be able to use their Broadcast Tower to recruit new Council Members. Instead, players will go out into the world and collect Comic Covers for each Council Member. Once you’ve collected enough of a character’s comic covers you’ll  unlock that character.

What do I do with Council Members once I have them?

Council Members lead every raiding party players send out into the world. If you want to send a group of survivors out to collect some food, clear walkers, or attack another player, those survivors will need a Council Member to lead them. The Council Member you choose will have a big impact on what your raiding party is good at, and as your Council Members level up they’ll earn more talents and provide more bonuses to their raids.

How do the Council Members I choose affect what I can do in game?

Different Council Members excel at different tasks. The Council Member determines how fast a party moves across the map and how quickly they gather resources. Each Council Member also has a leadership value, which is very important when it comes to combat. The victor of a battle is not decided only by who deals the most damage, but also the ability of a player’s Council Member to lead their survivors in the fight.

How many Council Members will there be at launch?

We are currently planning to launch with 12 Council Members. This includes 11 well known characters from the graphic novels and one original character created by Disruptor Beam.

How do Council Members and their abilities in game relate to the characters from the graphic novels?

Like Survivors, Council Members have talents. However, each Council Member has a unique list of talents that reflect that character’s personality.

Can you give us some examples of your favorite Council Members and their abilities?

Well it wouldn’t be a true March to War without Negan and his “Batter Up” and “Half Their Stuff” talents! These talents increase the attack of all survivors Negan leads, along with increasing the amount of resources they can take when attacking other players, respectively.

Another of my favorites is Hershel with his “Quiet Country Life” and “My House, My Rules” talents, which help the survivors he is leading fend off attacks from enemies while scavenging resources on the map.

Hershel is very important if your enemy has Dwight, who specializes in disrupting other players with his “Collection Agent” and “Missing Sherry” talents, both of which aid the player when attacking enemies while they are scavenging. Players have the ability to attack other players while they are scavenging. If you send your survivors to a food node and start collecting resources there, I can attack you, and if I attack you with Dwight I get some nifty bonuses.

Thanks for speaking with us today, Michael. We anticipate some heated battles lead by our favorite characters!

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