Commander Uhura in Timelines

There’s been many reveals of crew from The Original Series here on the Star Trek Timelines blog, including Sulu, Kirk, and Spock. However, we’ve only begun to reveal the plethora of movie era stories and crew going into the game.

Receiving a promotion in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Commander Uhura serves aboard the USS Enterprise through many challenging conflicts: a genetically engineered terrorist, a vengeful Klingon commander, and even a 20th century covert mission to save two beloved whales. In fact, it was Commander Uhura’s quick thinking and transporter skills that helped save Kirk and Spock from the surface of the Genesis Planet only moments before its ultimate destruction in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Commander Uhura’s skills are Diplomacy and Command, making her a fine choice for any sort of meetings between unruly Klingons and the Federation, even mirror universe Klingons like Regent Worf -- who you will certainly see plenty of in Timelines.

Federation, Starfleet, and Human are the traits for Commander Uhura. These allow her, again, to deal quite well with any official Starfleet or United Federation of Planets business. There are sure to be many Disputes between the varying past and present factions of the UFP, so bringing Commander Uhura along would be a wise choice. Especially if you consider yourself a Ms. or Mr. Adventure type of person.