Changes are coming to Alliance Challenges

Hello Bannermen! Today we’re talking about changes coming to one of the oldest cooperative systems in the game: Alliance Challenges.

Alliance Challenges were first introduced on April 1st, 2013, with Braving the Green Waters entering the game that day. We added more of them over the next few months, until most of the challenges you know and love were implemented by the end of 2013. Since then, they have remained largely the same, offering the same loot, same challenge, and same requirements.

Not anymore!

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Monday’s build sees a significant redesign of the rewards for completing Alliance Challenges. After discussing with the community, we improved almost every reward in the Alliance Challenges. You’ll now find brand-new items as rewards, in addition to even more dragon crafting materials and even some Black Gems!

To reflect these better rewards, Alliance Challenges have had their requirements moderately increased. With the increased contributions, however, come much better chances for epic loot and dragon crafting materials - a change we hope you’ll agree is worth the extra resources.

One of the changes we’re introducing to Alliance challenges is the chance to receive one of several items for winning first, second, or third place in a challenge. As in our regular loot tables for Adventures, there is a chance of winning one of the items. When the challenge is complete, you’ll see the item you won. In the list below, we have listed out all of the possible items you can win - though we’re not telling how rare some of them may be! We can say that some of the best items - items like, say a Masterwork Greatsword - have a small chance of dropping, but we’re also releasing entirely new legendary items that anyone can win just by participating. We’re also giving out even more ways to earn Pyres for your dragon crafting.

REMEMBER! With Monday’s build, we are replacing your existing challenges with these new ones. That means that by Monday morning your existing challenges and ANY ITEMS THAT ARE CONTRIBUTED TO THEM WILL BE GONE! Make sure to finish your challenges before Monday morning. We have been counting down the expiration of these challenges for weeks now, and it’s almost time for them to expire.


Here are the new and updated rewards for the Alliance Challenges:


Braving the Green Waters

  • First place: Pyre
  • Second place: Chance of Pyre or Flickering Fire
  • Third place: Chance of Pyre or Flickering Fire

—Added Fireship to the general loot table as the highest rare item chance. 
—NOTE: This should actually increase the number of people who get a Fireship.
—NOTE: The Fireship now has a chance to receive affixes.

General loot:


Against the Wildling Horde

  • First place: Chance of Elite Phalanx, Phalanx, or Grand Breastplate
  • Second place: Chance of Phalanx or Grand Breastplate
  • Third place: Chance of Phalanx, Steel, or Grand Breastplate


General loot:


Kingsroad Ambush

  • First place: Chance of Guild Assassin, Expert Crossbowman, or Assassin
  • Second place: Chance of Expert Crossbowman or Assassin
  • Third place: Chance of Fine Wood, Hard Wood, Expert Crossbowman, or Assassin


General loot:


Tourney in the Marches

  • First place: Chance of Masterwork Greatsword, Steel Shod Warhorse, or Grand Barred Helm
  • Second place: Chance of Steel Shod Warhorse or Grand Barred Helm
  • Third place: Chance of Steel Shod Warhorse, Steel, or Grand Barred Helm


General loot:


Slavers Bay Race

  • First place: Chance of Uncommon Black Gem, Mercer, or Dark Diamond Ring
  • Second place: Chance of Mercer or Dark Diamond Ring
  • Third place: Chance of Uncommon Black Gem, Mercer, or Dark Diamond Ring


General loot:


Fire at the Arsenal

  • First place: Pyre
  • Second place: Chance of Pyre or Flickering Fire
  • Third place: Chance of Pyre or Flickering Fire


General loot:


Shadowcat Hunt

  • First place: Uncommon Black Gem
  • Second place: Chance of Uncommon Black Gem or Common Black Gem
  • Third place: Common Black Gem

-- NOTE: Shadowcat Hunt's requirements have been dropped to 3 Mangonels, 3 Siege Towers, and 10 Valuable Prisoners.


General loot:


For the three AvA spoil challenges, we are only changing the ranked rewards; the general loot for the challenges are unaffected.


Islands of Gold

  • First place: Marching Formation
  • Second place: Wildfire or Sacrifice
  • Third place: Wildfire or Pure Water


Freedom from the Shadows

  • First place: Corrupt Gaoler
  • Second place: Wildfire or Valyrian Glyph
  • Third place: Wildfire or Black Ash


Deal of a Lifetime

  • First place: Trade Envoy
  • Second place: Wildfire or Weirwood
  • Third place: Wildfire or Incense