Captain’s Guide: Character Fusion in Star Trek Timelines

Our previous Captain’s Guide covered building equipment in STAR TREK TIMELINES, which is one way to improve your crew. Fusion, on the other hand, is another way of making a character even stronger by combining two identical crew for one overall stronger character!

With already valuable crew like Picard or Janeway, fusion can become the critical difference between victory and defeat. But how does combining two copies of one character actually make them better at Away Missions, Faction Missions, and Starship Battles?

Why is Fusion important?

Your crew will come in a range of rarity, from a Basic one-star character to a Legendary five-star. However, even a new character like Enerprise-E Picard only has a five-star potential.


Enterprise-E Picard has a 5-star potential, while this Wesley Crusher is forever a 1-star character.

So, while Enterprise-E Picard has much higher base skills than a Basic one-star character, he still needs to be fused four separate times before he actually becomes a fully-fledged five-star Legendary character.

What do Enterprise-E Picard’s total stars mean in terms of playing Star Trek Timelines? Simply put, more stars equals bigger skill growth at each level-up -- including the character’s starship battle abilities. For our Legendary (five-star) Enterprise-E Picard, using fusion to add a second or even fifth star at any level will instantly upgrade his skill growth at every level -- even the 60 levels he’s already gained.


Because he’s level 60, our Legendary (five-star) Enterprise-E Picard gains huge skill growth from Fusion.

As you can see in the above animation, each new star adds a significant impact on Enterprise-E Picard’s three skills and one starship ability. With each new star, Picard gains 60 already-earned levels of added star rarity! In fact, look closely at Enterprise-E Picard’s Diplomacy skill, each additional star adds more gains on Enterprise-E Picard’s skill growth.

How Crew Fusion Works

So how do we add those wonderful stars? Take a look at our Super Rare Captain Janeway.


She’s pretty new to our collection, and only has two stars out of a possible four. Luckily we have two additional Janeways: a 1-star and a 2-star.  We’ll be consuming our level 5 (currently 1-star) Captain Janeway for the Fusion process.

The process of fusion takes into consideration both character’s combined level and equipment, giving you the best combined result of the two. In the image above, you’ll notice that our two Janeways total equipment will result in one 3-star Captain Janeway fusion who’s ready to be advanced. It’s like disabling two Birds-of-Prey with one photon torpedo!


Fusion time! Our level 10 Captain Janeway will soon become a 3-star.


As you can see, the fusion process has transformed our two Captain Janeways into one 3-star level 10 character with all four equipment slots full. Her skill growth per level will increase, and she’s now ready to advance past level 10. We find it a most fascinating technique.

Fusion: A Word of Caution

There’s one thing to watch out for when using Fusion: besides a combination of equipment and levels, fusion will only ever result in a character gaining one new star. Specifically, combining a 2-star Captain Janeway with another 2-star Captain Janeway will only result in a 3-star Captain Janeway, not a 4-star version.


RED ALERT: Fusing one 2-star Janeway with another 2-star Janeway will still create a 3-star Janeway!

Dismissing Crew

Have you already fused a character to the maximum stars? Has your available crew reached its limit? Maybe you’re just not a fan of whoever recently boarded your starship. We believe two Wesley Crushers are always better than one, but if you don’t, you can dismiss any character you find less than helpful -- or less than likeable.


The dismiss button is on the right-side of the upgrade button.


The dismiss button will prompt you before actually dismissing a character.

Make absolutely certain you’d like to dismiss the character you’ve currently selected, because although you do get a very small amount of credits for each dismissal, you cannot undo it.

Qapla’ Captains!

We hope you found this installment of Captain’s Guide helpful in your continuing mission to save the galaxy. To provide feedback or ask questions, interact with the Timelines team and other players through our social channels:

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