Captain’s Guide: Building Crew Equipment in Star Trek Timelines

In earlier guide blogs we explained item rarity and equipping crew to advance past their current level caps. In this Captain’s Guide, we’re building on that knowledge to talk about building equipment: why it’s essential to any aspiring Starfleet Captain’s journey through Star Trek Timelines, and how it’s done.

How to Build Equipment

After completing a few Away Missions, Starship Battles, and Faction Missions, it’s important to build equipment for your favorite crew for, essentially, two reasons: level cap advancement and because equipment increases a crew’s skill proficiency. The latter, skill proficiency, is a crew skill’s “bonus roll” used during challenge nodes on Away Missions.

So for a step-by-step guide on building crew equipment, follow these screenshots to see how we build a Rura Penthe Furs for our level 20 Prisoner ‘Bones’ McCoy:


First we select the Rura Penthe Furs, which Bones needs to keep him warm and “diplomatic."


Next we select “Build” to see the 1-star Rura Pentha Furs’ resource requirements.


Ah, looks like we still need a basic Rura Penthe Furs, so let’s inspect them by selecting the icon.


Let’s inspect the PADD next, but we could jump back by selecting any previous icon.


The PADD inspected, we’re now able to select the one resource we still need.


From here, we can earn the required resource by using the Warp feature or playing through a mission.


The green plus means we have all required resources! Now we can build our 1-star Rura Penthe Furs.


The orange 0/1 means we can now build the basic Rura Penthe Furs resource.


Of course, we’ll also need to build our PADD for 300 credits.


With all our resources gathered and built, we can now build our 1-star Rura Penthe Furs!


Once built, we can immediately equip the item or save it for another crew, another time.

Qapla’ Captains!

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