Captain’s Chair Photo Booth PAX East 2015

The Facebook PAX East 2015 Captain's Chair Photo Booth gallery lives! (Say that five times fast.) We supplied a bridge, some crew, and what we swear only started as one or two tribbles. The below is a photo story of what followed.

Of course, we all know the trouble with just one or two tribbles. Maybe next year we can repurpose all these tribbles into a lounge, which some people might find frightening. We could see how a purring vibrating sea of furry ball creatures might not be for everyone.

We didn’t really think calling a plumber would help with our tribble trouble, and we were all pretty suspicious of the healing mushrooms he kept talking about.

Some Disruptors were slightly suspect of the next Captain’s machete-focused strategic command and security strategy. We felt his proposed methods would perhaps be a bit excessive, but he did make for a very striking photo.

Star Trek Timelines has plenty of travellers from different timelines and universes, but we encountered a few time travelling folks beyond even Starfleet’s wilder expectations.

Luckily, some quick thinking on the part of our Captains and Ensign Crusher resulted in a stabilized tribble situation.

With all you wonderful Captain’s help, Wesley’s advice, and the aid of an expert Andorian Captain, our PAX East 2015 photo booth was a smashing success!

And of course, there were many Disruptor Moments as well!

A nice rest was in order for many Disruptors after our amazing PAX East 2015 weekend, as you can see by our quite exhausted GoTA Product Manager, Alex "Nod" Engel.

Remember to check out the full gallery on Facebook, and thanks for joining us at PAX East! See you next year!